Never Use These 5 Items On Your Face to Avoid Skincare Problems

Never Use These 5 Items On Your Face to Avoid Skincare Problems

Items You Should Never Apply To Your Face

1. Excessive Hot Water

Using too hot water to wash your face can burn your skin and remove its natural moisture. It depletes the skin of its natural oils, dries it out, and increases the likelihood of acne and pimples. Additionally, it can make a number of skin issues worse, including hyperpigmentation, eczema, acne, and skin burns.

2. Hair Care Items

Since hair products might trigger skin problems, it is best to never even consider using them on the face. Because hair products contain harsh chemicals and smells, applying them to the face can cause skin irritation and inflammation.

3. Toothpaste

Toothpaste has many chemicals and compounds that might damage the skin on the face. They may irritate the skin, resulting in irritation and redness, and they may also block pores. Moreover, they may activate the face’s oil glands, which may result in excessively dry skin.

4. Body Creams

You might want to quit using body lotions on your face if you do that. Typically, body lotions are designed to hydrate the thick skin on the back, arms, legs, and thighs. The stronger chemicals and perfumes in these body lotions are more than what our faces’ sensitive skin can handle.

5. Cooking Oils

Never put cooking oils, such coconut or olive oil, straight on your face because they can cause breakouts and plugged pores in some skin types. Due to their high hydrogenated fat content, these oils may aggravate acne and other skin conditions.

Sanchita Patil

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