NEC Introduces UNIVERGE Blue AI Assistant to Boost Operational Efficiency of Business

NEC Introduces UNIVERGE Blue AI Assistant to Boost Operational Efficiency of Business

The UNIVERGE BLUE AI Assistant, a ground-breaking productivity tool driven by the cutting-edge UNIVERGE BLUE PULSE artificial intelligence (AI), was unveiled by NEC Corporation of America (NEC). Utilizing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) technology, this newest offering from UNIVERGE BLUE CLOUD SERVICES raises the bar for intelligence, effectiveness, and customer service within NEC’s intelligent communications platform.

Utilizing generative AI, the AI Assistant is incorporated into the CONNECT desktop and mobile applications and helps businesses automate repetitive operations and streamline access. Within the CONNECT ecosystem, users can leverage AI for a variety of tasks, including interpreting language, creating content, and responding to frequently requested queries. Crucially, by not storing any user or enterprise data in the GenAI engine, the AI Assistant places a high priority on security and privacy. This guarantees the confidentiality and security of any information provided within the customer environment.

With a range of features and possibilities to come, the AI Assistant is only the first and is free for UNIVERGE BLUE CONNECT users (ESSENTIALS, PRO, PRO PLUS, and CONNECT BRIDGE PRO and PRO-PLUS). NEC strives to consistently improve time efficiency and productivity for its clients.

NEC Corporation of America Senior Vice President Marc Hebner stressed the importance of the AI Assistant in providing cutting-edge technologies for intelligent communications. “This addition underscores our commitment to ensuring our customers have the best tools available to maximize employee and customer experiences, ultimately contributing to their business success,” the speaker said.

UNIVERGE Blue Pulse, the cornerstone of NEC’s AI-powered technology, has an impact on CONNECT and ENGAGE as well. Businesses may fully utilize AI to improve phone interactions, streamline processes, and boost overall productivity by utilizing tools like automated transcription, sentiment analysis, and AI review. To give a thorough and accurate account of each call interaction, NEC plans to develop new features, such as an AI Interaction Summary feature.

By accepting the UNIVERGE BLUE AI Assistant, NEC further demonstrates its commitment to providing organizations with cutting-edge solutions that open doors to increased efficiency and better time management.


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