NASA’s newest X-ray telescope rockets into orbit

NASA’s newest X-ray telescope rockets into orbit

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — NASA’s newest X-ray observatory rocketed into orbit Thursday to shed lightweight on exploded stars, black holes and alternative violent high-energy events development within the universe.

SpaceX launched the orbiter on its $214 million mission from Kennedy house Center. It’s known as IXPE, short for Imaging X-ray Polarization adventurer.

Scientists aforesaid the observatory — truly 3 telescopes in one — can unveil the foremost dramatic and extreme components of the universe as ne’er before.

“IXPE goes to open a brand new window on the X-ray sky,” Brian Ramsey, NASA’s deputy principal somebody, aforesaid in the week.

Operations ought to begin next month. {nasa|National Aeronautics and house Administration|NASA|independent agency} is partnering with the Italian Space Agency on the project.

Sneha Mali

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