Myra Fordham, Rising Above The Past Pain Of Domestic Abuse To Now Helping Others Heal Through Their Own Past Trauma

Myra Fordham, Rising Above The Past Pain Of Domestic Abuse To Now Helping Others Heal Through Their Own Past Trauma

To heal from emotional trauma, one must commit to healing on an emotional and mental level. This is so they can move on to create a better future instead of remaining in a state of victimhood for their entire lives. While it may seem like a long, tumultuous journey ahead, people can release themselves from the infliction of pain and move on to create a brighter future, achieving their goals and dreams along the way.

Myra Fordham is the founder of Myra Fordham Coaching and is Australia’s #1 Trauma Coach for women. She is a survivor of domestic abuse, having suffered a traumatic brain injury at her home in Darwin, Australia, back in 2016. This came as a result of being punched in the head by her boyfriend at the time after he became infuriated by a text message on her phone. Myra spent 11 days in an induced coma, followed by brain surgery and weeks in hospital for rehabilitation.

Despite all odds against her and learning to walk and talk again, Myra decided that she would not let her past define her future. She realized that she still had the inner strength and power to overcome her trauma, to go on to fulfill her goals and dreams, and ultimately find her higher purpose along the journey.

Myra Fordham shares, “I learned that I didn’t have to be a victim of my past and that I didn’t have to stay in an abusive, toxic, and unhealthy relationship. Despite all the pain my trauma and child abuse caused me, I learned that I needed to go through it all so I could go on to reach my higher purpose in life.”

Myra has now gone on to create a 5-figure a month coaching business. In recent months she has also become an International Best Selling Author in the category of sexual, domestic abuse. The book is titled “Hear Her Roar: Successful Women Who Experienced Domestic Abuse.”

Going from a healthy, independent woman who could care for herself to someone who needed to be cared for was highly debilitating to Myra. She shares, “I felt broken, like a baby, and had to be pushed around in a wheelchair. To heal from this traumatic incident, I have worked hard to heal my genealogical trauma and unlearn my toxic behavioral traits.” Although this placed her in a vulnerable place, she knows there is immense value in her life lesson, which has led her to where she is now, as a Trauma Coach, living in her highest purpose.

To some people, trauma is so severe that it affects every aspect of their lives. The trauma may happen for years or even for the rest of their lives. These individuals may experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or chronic trauma symptoms that affect them daily. Fortunately, a support network exists for those who wish to heal their trauma. Myra Fordham is living proof that if you have the courage and determination to look to the future instead of the past, creating the reality you dream of is possible.

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