Murtaza Ebrahim Rangwala the wolf of Entertainment street

Murtaza Ebrahim Rangwala the wolf of Entertainment street

The Indian film and entertainment industry, position at more than millions, is one of the greatest increasing sectors of the Indian economy. Indian film industry forms the most key segment of entertainment sector. Indian film industry helps a lot in enlargement of entertainment industry & the growth of country, at large. One such person who grooms an entertainer to fit in the entertainment industry and plays a major role in his/her progress is of Murtaza Ebrahim Rangwala.

He directs an indirect promotional tool whose role is to establish and enhance a positive image of an artist and its services among its various publics. He defines a deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an an artist and the industry. He seeks to persuade people that an artist is talented with which to relate business, which is important for services. He facilitate a process of subjective evaluation and recommendation, getting work and moudling the showbiz.

Murtaza puts in efforts to develop a better understanding-and hence liking-of an arist and the projects and aims programmes at important target groups. In order to attract media and btown attention, sometimes he arranges an event which is in itself newsworthy and will create awareness of about the artists or shows. As with all aspects of the communication mix, publicity will achieve maximum effectiveness with his clear plan is formulated which identifies objectives, has a clear strategy and implementation programme and effective monitoring. Rangwala surely provides a backbone for the entertainment industry.

Murtaza plans to identify artist that should be brought to the attention of a wider audience by means of publicity. He includes the desire to raise awareness of a new service launch or to identify the show/artist with a desired image. Murtaza Rangwala with his immense industry knowledge and powerful contact base is surely build up a commendable name in the Entertainment industry.

Derek Robins

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