Morbius’ opening weekend grossed $ 84 million at the box office

Morbius’ opening weekend grossed $ 84 million at the box office

The Morbius The Living Vampire franchise could live up to the vampire the next day. Despite the bad reviews, Sony’s latest installment in the Spider-Man-less Cinematic Universe grossed $ 84 million worldwide over its opening weekend. It’s not great in any sense, but it’s good enough for Sony to continue producing Sinister Six movies with its Spider-Plans.

Different Hollywood movie trades have differing opinions on whether $ 84 million (as reported by Deadline) is a solid start weekend for Morbius. Compared to the last Sony Spider-movies, Venom: Let There Be Carnegie, Morbius looks pathetic; Carnegie made 90 million during its opening weekend in the US alone, and that was only last October. Meanwhile, those who make their living estimates at the box office thought that Morbius would open up to around 40-50 million.

On the other hand, as a character, Morbius does not have 39.1% brand recognition out of 90 given to Venom and Late There Be Carnage did not get bad reviews. Moreover, even Sony had thought that the film would earn around $ 33 million last weekend, although it is unknown whether the film has done more technically or the studios have lowered their expectations so Morbius will look to have done more than them. Honestly, however, the best reason to consider the $ 39.1 million (retail) success is that Morbius had a budget of only $ 75 million.

While that may not be enough for Sony to make Morbius 2: Vampiric Bugaloo, I think the company will continue to plan to make Aaron Taylor-Johnson starrer, a spider-themed single, Craven the Hunter. And Madame Webb, starring Dakota Johnson. Despite the surprisingly terrifying way in which Morbius paved the way for it, I think it’s enough for Sony to keep trying towards that Sinister Six movie since tampering with Amazing Spider-Man 2. But if Craven is tanking and people don’t care about two-thirds of the estimated six (the third, of course, Michael Keaton’s MCU Transplant The Vulture), Sony will almost certainly need to adjust its plans. Would you humbly suggest …?

Sneha Mali

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