Monetize your close friends’ list and make money through Close Frienz. Here’s all you need to know!

Monetize your close friends’ list and make money through Close Frienz. Here’s all you need to know!

There has been a consistent evolution of social media. Especially for content creators, there are timely updates and features they can execute on Instagram. With a myriad of websites and applications available, Close Frienz is one of the promising content applications created in Dubai for Instagram close friends. Ever since the ‘close friends’ feature rolled out on Instagram, it has helped users in customizing the list of people they want to share their stories with.

Now with the content app of Close Frienz, creators can monetize their close friends’ list and earn some good fortunes through pictures and videos. Not just this, Close Frienz will also allow creators to chat one-on-one with their fans. It will be a monetized service that will help creators generate a good source of income. While the content application is in the development stage, it will be made available soon.

The one-of-a-kind service can be used by models, musicians, actors, fitness experts, influencers and other artists. The best part is that the creators can earn money directly from their fans in the form of a monthly fee or through tips and pay-per-views. As Close Frienz is in the phase of development, the developers will give users access to create an account or they can even sign up via Google, Facebook or a Twitter account. Once the profile details are filled in, users can set a subscription price and start monetizing their content with close friends.

Besides the feed on the homepage where fans can see exclusive content from their favourite creators, they can also check the subscription fee before making a payment. Looks like Close Frienz is ready to serve the creators a medium for making passive income. In addition, the main menu is where creators will have their profile, bank information, bookmark lists, drafts and the option to log out from the app.

Not to forget, creators can earn money with Close Frienz after adding and verifying payment information. The most important aspect to use Close Frienz is the age limit. Users signing up for Close Frienz must be 18 or above to use the app. On the contrary, you can become a fan of any creator by following them or bookmarking them to a list. As Close Frienz gears up to roll out soon, it would be interesting to see the subscription levels charged by bloggers, actors and creative professionals.

For now, let’s wait for Close Frienz to see the light soon. To sum it up, creators and influencers are in for a treat as they can earn some extra money by showcasing their exclusive content to a customised list of fans and followers.

Derek Robins

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