Mercedes-Benz G-Class EV from 2025 has a Quad-Motor Drivetrain and a 116-kwh Battery

Mercedes-Benz G-Class EV from 2025 has a Quad-Motor Drivetrain and a 116-kwh Battery

The much anticipated electrified G-Class was unveiled by Mercedes-Benz late on Tuesday. It has four motors that can produce a total of 579 horsepower, and it is mounted on a modified body-on-frame chassis similar to the gas-powered G-Class.

Officially known as the G 580 with EQ Technology, it will go on sale in the United States in 2025. Sales will begin in the second half of the year, and Mercedes has stated that the only version that will be offered at first is a limited Edition One version that comes with a ton of frills as standard.

Although Mercedes has not disclosed the electric G-Class’s range, its standard 116-kwh battery should make it appealing. It is feasible to achieve DC charging at speeds of up to 200 kW, which allows for a 10-80% charge in just over 30 minutes.

With 579 horsepower available, the electric G-Class can reach a high speed of 112 mph and accelerate from rest to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds. Mercedes terms to these as “virtual differential locks,” which allow the drive torque to be precisely tailored to where it is needed. Each of the vehicle’s four motors independently drives one of the wheels. For off-roading, there’s an additional low-range gear reduction.

The arrangement enables the electric G-Class to do an instantaneous turn by reversing the direction of its left and right wheels. This maneuver is known as a “tank turn.” Mercedes refers to this function as the G-Turn. Another option is G-Steering, a tank turn feature that has been dialed back and may be used to gently steer the car into a 90-degree turn by having it turn around the inside rear wheel. This is useful in narrow paths where it’s challenging to finish a traditional turn because of a big rock or tree. There’s also a crawl function with three settings.

For off-roading, the suspension is appropriate as well. There are adjustable dampers at each corner and a solid axle at the back, with an independent configuration up front. On appropriate terrain, the car can climb to a 100% gradient just like its gas-powered sister. It also provides 5.9 inches of additional fording depth, for a total of 33.5 inches. The approach, departure, and breakover angles are 32, 30.7, and 20.3 degrees, respectively, while the ground clearance is 9.8 inches.

The gas-powered G-Class has also been modified by Mercedes for 2025. A notable improvement for the entry-level G 550 grade is the move to a 3.0-liter inline-6 turbocharged with mild hybrid technology. The AMG G 63 retains its 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine but adds mild hybrid technology.

With its 2025 update, Mercedes also included additional off-road-oriented driver-assist systems, which of course also help the electric version. The Offroad Cockpit is the main attraction. This gives a summary of the most important data for off-road driving on the infotainment screen and gauge cluster. It displays data on the location of the car, the tire pressure, steering angle, and more. Additionally, there is a function called Transparent Hood that uses a surround-view camera system to show what’s underneath the engine compartment. This can be useful for both off-roading and maneuvering around tight curbs.

When the 2025 G-Class lineup goes on sale, pricing details—including that of the electrified G 580 model with EQ Technology—will be disclosed.

Mercedes will eventually introduce a smaller G-Class model. With an electric drivetrain, it is anticipated later this decade.

Sanchita Patil

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