Meet the Young Musical Artist Mr Popal X

Meet the Young Musical Artist Mr Popal X

Mr Popal X well known famous musical artist rap maker and actor in Japan Tokyo.His Real Name is Sardar Wali Popal a muslim musical artist born in afghanistan october 2005 started music rap hip-hop music from his childhood at the age of 10 years he performed his first rap song.His Wikipedia details are below according to london news reporter.

Nationality= Afghanistani

Religion = Muslim


Birth=October 2005 Kandhar Afghanistan

Education= Student at Tokyo Universty

He dreamed to be musical artist and famous rap maker in his future. He completed his high school education in 2020 and joined Tokyo Universty for next 4 years and also with it he started his music rap practice in 2020 and performed many music festival and consults in Japan 

Hobbies and Favourite Stars

 His favourite musical artists are “xxxtentacion and 2PAC. Hobbies are Book Reading Gardening Internet browsing

Music Profiles are available at Deezar Music Spotify Youtube Music and Tiktok.

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