Meet Prakash Dhingra: An Aspiring Investment Banker, Private Financier & Biker

Meet Prakash Dhingra: An Aspiring Investment Banker, Private Financier & Biker

Prakash Dhingra is an Investment Banker, a private investor all through the day, and a Rebel biker through the weekends. He could be very well-known on youtube for numerous biking videos. Prakash has immersed himself in the game and has managed to grab the eye of several across the globe. He frequently puts up his using vlogs, and they’re cherished by innumerable people who display his support. As a hit Investment Banker and Private Financer, he typically creates capital for other companies, governments, and entities. 

The financial elements of large tasks are controlled and planned through him for corporations, governments, and different entities. He has managed to take time out from his extraordinarily tough task schedule. Following his passions has continually been his goal in lifestyle. He believes in following the directions of his heart. Even after losing the essential supporters in his lifestyle- his father and his grandfather- he bounced back harder than he had ever earlier and was determined to move together with his lifestyle while carrying their memories in his heart. 

He went to Baldwin’s Boys High school. He becomes a free soul continually. Adventure attracted him greater than studies, and he made high-quality use of the feeling! In his Instagram post, he mentions that if you need to provide your best for tomorrow, you want to try your best at the moment. He enjoys visiting and exploring diverse places together along with his bike. 

The Bangalore-based biker has seen numerous locations on his motorcycle. He in no way fails to share those moments through social media posts! He nicknames himself the “rebel___biker.” Indeed, he’s a rebel against the constricted rat race! He enjoys life and makes brilliant use of his hobby. His particular way of life of adventure has fetched him a significant number of fans. 

People appreciate his free spirit and want to emulate it! He also owns a YouTube channel where he posts lifestyle videos showcasing his biking skills. He has been given a top-notch character and interacts nicely together along with his fans. Watching his videos and vlogs makes anyone’s boredom disappear in a second!

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