Meet Mykel Darrough, creating waves of change in the world of entrepreneurship

Meet Mykel Darrough, creating waves of change in the world of entrepreneurship

The passionate being is known as a global entrepreneur for a reason and owns Truly Grand Sports in the sports world.

It is surreal to know and learn about all those people and individuals who choose to cross boundaries in order to reach their highest potential and get nearer their goals and visions in their careers and endeavours in life. The world is filled with numerous such talented beings who make sure to do the “different” by creating a difference in the industry they step in and make a unique niche for themselves as professionals and entrepreneurs in their respective sectors. Even amidst much competition, a few industries like the entrepreneurial world have always seen the rise of many such incredible beings over the years. Topping the list is one such passionate gentleman named Mykel Darrough, the CEO, and founder of his “winning” ventures that have given him the title of a successful global entrepreneur.

He is the man behind his one-of-a-kind brand named Total Grand Sports, which has been making a lot of buzz over the years in the sports world as a promotional business based in the US that provides exposure for athletes from grade school to the professional ranks. Entrepreneur Mykel Darrough is glad and proud of how far he has led his brand, which will now have partnerships in the motorsports industry and explore many other niches that can positively push forward the growth of the overall sports industry, like the digital financial space and new technologies.

Mykel Darrough graduated from Swartz Creek High School, Swartz Creek, Michigan, and at the age of 27, had already become the youngest African American to majority own a sports franchise in basketball with Vehicle City Royals. His brand, Truly Grand, was a partnering company to Cedar Rapids River Kings, a team in the Indoor Football League.

Right now, Truly Grand Sports, as an incredible business under the leadership of Mykel Darrough, has been creating new and exciting tech opportunities in the sports world, and this has led him and the brand to attain much more recognition and buzz in recent times.

Mykel Darrough with Truly Grand Sports is indeed creating waves of change in the industry and in the entrepreneurial world. To know more, follow him on Instagram @trulygrand_myke.

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