Meet Jason Wojo Founder of Wojo Media

Meet Jason Wojo Founder of Wojo Media

The above 25-year-old digital entrepreneur is the founder of Wojo Media, a 30 Under 30 nominee in the NY Weekly Magazine, and has generated over $100 million online by running profitable ads for business owners and owners of e-commerce stores, scaling them to 6-7 figures… and has been destroying ad agencies for more than 4 years with his unique systems!

Knowing and learning about all those individuals and professionals who never stop working to bring about significant improvements in the fields they choose to enter is incredible. The fact that these professionals have been climbing the ladder to success with such tenacity and leaving a legacy for other up-and-coming talent to build on is even more incredible to learn. The younger generation, who has amazed the world with what they offer their target demographic, is responsible for the majority of these success stories that people hear about today across major industries. In the world of digital entrepreneurship, we saw how Jason Wojo achieved a similar result. He became a unique digital marketer and online entrepreneur who has so far guided over 50 brands to surpassing 6-7 figure and even 8 figure run rates.

This 25-year-old entrepreneur, who is listed in NY Weekly Magazine’s 30 Under 30, has had a sweet road to success and has thrived off of his passion for the entire digital space. Jason was born in 1997, originally from Newburgh, NY, and completed his Bachelors in Business and Finance at Mount Saint Mary College. Over the last four years, he has dove deeply into digital marketing and the social media growth sector, excelling at a variety of services from SEO, lead generation, social media marketing, and marketing consulting to advertising, content marketing, and more at his company Wojo Media based in Orlando, FL. In the last four years, he has massively grown W.

His demand in the advertising industry has grown 400% year over year. He now has 55+ team members working under him and has established himself as an ad agency you can rely on to get the job done. He has spent over $20M on Paid Ads and grown businesses online to 6, 7, and 8 figure run rates. His lawful digital marketing and online business growth services, which are supported by his incredible experience and the knowledge he has amassed thus far in his career, are being sought after by more and more brands and businesses. Wojo Media currently serves 200+ clients across 90+ verticals and niches, proving that no matter your industry, they can help you succeed.

Jason Wojo, who has since relocated to Orlando, has assembled incredible positive testimonials that demonstrate why he has developed into a highly regarded name in the industry. He finds passion in assisting his clients in achieving their desired definition of success with their brands and businesses.

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