MBC Token- A New Bridge Token Launch Coming Soon!!!!

MBC Token- A New Bridge Token Launch Coming Soon!!!!

The current DeFi system is overloaded with problems known and unknown. In order to overcome these problems, a new bridge token launch will be soon anticipated. Yes, we are talking about the Magpie Bridge Token or also known as MBC Token.

A permissionless, non-custodial, chain-agnostic cross-chain swap solution is currently not a possibility in the DeFi system. It prevents users from freely cross-chain swapping or bridging any asset they wish with the same wallet.

The decentralised nature of blockchain technology is one of its key innovations. However, depending on the scalability solution you select, this feature also has certain drawbacks because it makes transactions more challenging when transferring tokens between layers 1 and 2 or moving them about within your own account history at any given time.

This is where MBC token comes. The Magpie Bridge Token is all to provide a solution for this problem. It is expected that this innovative token will create interoperability between blockchains, such as from ETH to Polygon and vice versa. 

Information can be transferred between MBC systems by employing a coordinating technology called a “bridge” oracle. Smart contracts on one side of an event horizon can use MBC to safely access data kept in another ecosystem without having any direct interaction with it.

The PR of the MBC Token informed us that this token will provide compatibility over ETH and polygon network. They may add more Blockchain networks as the project proceeds. But for now it allows asset exchange between ETH and Polygon.

As per the whitepaper, the token is expected to be listed next year around the third quarter. We all can wait for the exciting launch of this bridge token that is sure to bring some innovative changes around the current system.

By tackling the trust, security, and transaction challenges of chain data, Magpie Bridge Coin, or MBC, is expected to contribute in the  development of a safe, straightforward, and efficient cross-chain system.

To know more about their updates and latest happenings, visit their website at https://mbctokens.com/

They are active on their respective social media handles as well:
Telegram: https://t.me/coinMBC

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coin.mbc/

FaceBook : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100086286621893

Medium: https://medium.com/@mbc.askus

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