Matthew Larson: Machine Shop Worker to Real Estate Mentor

Matthew Larson, originally from the Quad Cities, a medium sized metropolitan area on the Iowa/Illinois border, is a college dropout who went from living paycheck to paycheck to becoming a millionaire in real estate.

Starting his working career as a low paid machinist who supplied parts to companies like John Deere, Matthew Larson became a full-time real estate investor in 2005.

The Aledo High School graduate learned the real estate trade from Dean Graziosi, a Phoenix-based nationally known real estate expert and author of “Be A Real Estate Millionaire,” who has taught how to spot market trends and profit from them.

“I went to Black Hawk College for a short period of time,” Mr. Larson said. “College wasn’t for me.”

He said he was working for an Aledo machine shop in 2005 when he saw an infomercial for Mr. Graziosi and read his book. He said he took 16 weeks of coaching online and by phone and started buying properties.

His business now spans across most of the Midwest United States. He has transformed into an internationally renowned authority on investment real estate with over 4000 completed real estate transactions under his belt. Matt has a unique and in-depth understanding of investing and property management through his trials and errors over the last two decades. He has completed over 1000 fix and flips, dozens of lease options, and thousands of wholesale deals, while also maintaining a large rental portfolio.

Matt Larson has been asked to speak internationally and was recognized by Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazines. He has been on-stage with several reality TV stars, best selling authors, multi-millionaires and has personally trained Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi on Single Family Home Investing.

His wealth of experience in real estate, education, and virtual assistant services positions him to inspire and educate aspiring entrepreneurs on the strategies to grow and scale their own businesses.

Matt has changed the game by putting his business on autopilot with Virtual Assistants, employing over 50+ VAs in his own real estate business. This led him to start his own Virtual Assistant Company, Rapid Assistants that places the top VAs with clients looking to automate and accelerate their own business. He has disrupted the real estate Investing space with his virtual closers, which he states “close more deals and cost a fraction of the price of American closers.”

Matt Larson prides himself on his real estate education with his ‘no-fluff’ approach by only offering in-depth education with step-by-step processes & real action plans. His real estate education company, Real Estate Matt Education, has sold thousands of products, courses, and e-books. Matt is also a mentor and personal educator. He teaches aspiring and expert real estate investors tactical strategies on how they can grow and scale their business through his Deal Lab group coaching platform. Matt also offers 1 on 1 coaching. He has even coached high ranking authoritative figures such as Tony Robbins on how to invest in single family real estate. Matt prides himself on teaching the most effective, up-to-date strategies to make anyone’s venture into real estate investing a success.

Matt Larson wants to impact as many people as possible. He is one of the most generous educators in real estate, giving away more content than he sells. You can find Matt posting weekly videos on his Youtube Channel as well as giving away manuals, e-books, courses and more through his social media platforms and live events.

Matt sold out his first live event in Peoria, IL within 48 hours. He continues to do live events based around his expertise in real estate, investing, wholesaling, virtual assistants, scaling businesses, social media, marketing, sales, and more.

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