Manish Sharma, A Backagaindancer explains us best ways to combat stage fright

Manish Sharma, A Backagaindancer explains us best ways to combat stage fright

Stage fright is a typical kind of anxiety characterised by apprehension before giving a presentation in front of an audience.

Physical or emotional signs of anxiousness are possible. They can be quite debilitating in severe cases. Stage fright may affect anybody, including those who appear to be at ease in front of an audience.

Anyone from Broadway performers to competent speakers suffers from stage fright. Whether you have nervousness, the prospect of performing in front of an audience might make you feel uncomfortable, unsteady, or even utterly incapacitated.

We discussed today with an aspiring backagaindancer Mansih Sharma, who shares and explains why and best possible ways to overcome stage fright. He says “Even persons who often speak or act in front of large crowds might have stage anxiety. Many professional athletes, actresses, and artists have expressed feelings of insecurity or anxiety in the past. While some people are able to avoid public speaking, others are forced to do so on a regular basis.”

Stage fright may occur in any situation when you are concerned that your performance will be assessed. Even if you consider yourself to be a natural public speaker, you may experience this dread. It may manifest itself in front of big audiences as well as smaller, more private groups or one-on-one situations.

He shared with us top ways to combat stage fright. Scroll down to know them.

  1. Practice – Before the performance or public speaking date, individuals should rehearse as much as possible.
  2. Keep positive thoughts running – It’s a good idea to give oneself a brief pep talk before entering a difficult circumstance. To keep things simple, choose a motto that will help you stay grounded.
  3. Meditation – Take 15-20 minutes out of your day in the morning, or even an hour before your performance, to meditate.
  4. Stretching –  Whether you’re nervous, your body will most likely be stiff and your muscles will be tense. Stretch fifteen minutes before speaking in front of an audience or on the stage. This will help to relax your body and loosen stiff muscles.

These quick four techniques will help to fight and calm you down your nerves and the stage fright.

We read about manish extensively and gathered all the below info.Backagaindancer HomeEntertainment & Pop CultureDance on YouTube, he is a freestyle popping dancer. “With each stride you take while “dancing it out,” you’re releasing not only your emotions and wrath, but also your tension and worry,” he tells us.

Mr. Sharma is from Gurugram, Haryana. Although he had a penchant for dancing since he was a child, this Haryana native began his professional career when he was 18 years old. His day would be incomplete if he didn’t practise his sets.

He even shared “Dancing makes me happy and relaxes me, therefore I enjoy doing it. At my old school, I used to compete in dance contests and even won a few. Dance has always been a love of mine since I was a child. My parents noticed my dancing skill when I began tapping my feet to the beats of a dance performance. Even when I’m depressed, I turn on music and dance to express myself.”

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