Making Music for The Soul: MVTR KENOBI’s Journey As An Artist

Making Music for The Soul: MVTR KENOBI’s Journey As An Artist

Franck Kanga, better known as MVTR Kenobi has been making music since he was 7, when he started learning Jazz and has continued his journey in the world of music ever since.

26 years later, Kenobi is a world-class DJ and music producer, as well as the founder of record label – Polymath Records. He has integrated himself into the French music scene and has gained a loyal following internationally. His tracks Ocean and Studio are critically acclaimed singles and like his discography are known for their experimental sound.

But seemingly, Kenobi hardly pays mins to all this acclaim and success, seeing them as byproducts of making music. His vision of being a musician is clear – authenticity. Emphasising the importance of keeping your creative work “simple” by working straight from your heart, Kenobi has mastered the art of packaging raw, genuine emotions into a shimmering soundtrack.

He says, “Music is nothing if not moving, and just manufacturing music might earn a lot of plays but making music that links to the human experience wins hearts. When you are genuine with your emotions and message, you have all the opportunities to experiment and shape your work into anything because what you wish to convey has integrity of its own that nothing can take away.”.

Kenobi believes that music is the healing that the world needs and is necessary to bring people together.

He applies this philosophy not only for his work, but also when he is producing for others. Currently, he is working with 3 upcoming artists and has forged a deep artistic bond with all of them. At Polymath they all place music at the top and believe music needs to come from a place of deep and genuine feelings.

“These feelings which the songs carry tap into everyone’s mind and hearts. Sometimes we cannot say what has happened to us, or what we are going through but through music we get an outlet to be seen and feel connected and this beautiful side of music can only emerge when you are working on music for the sake of music.”, says Kenobi.

These days Kenobi is in the studio for long hours, working on some very exciting projects – which we’ll get to hear soon!

Alekh Kumar

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