Make your own way and watch people following you: How 20 year old Anand Kumar made it and you can too!

Make your own way and watch people following you: How 20 year old Anand Kumar made it and you can too!

It needs a definite vision and passion to truly excel at something. As they say, “Nothing comes for free! You got to work for it, you got to die for it.” Anand Kumar is such a character, the most suitable person for the above saying. At just 20 years, he has performed works, outdone every teenage Indian boy’s expectations and achieved skills that every parent will be proud of. Everyone talks about your success but the struggles behind the scene are not known to all. Anand talks about his early starting in business, his downfalls, negligible support from friends and families, struggling for money and shivering from negative outcomes. He tells about a time when he needed to sell a couple of his Instagram pages so that he could continue his academics. All these sacrifices and scuffles proved him to be a gentleman, to have the structure of a leader, to endeavor in his duties that he once dreamt of.

Anand advises us to have faith in ourselves, to be self motivated that nothing can be impossible. However huge your problem is, giving up is not an option. Extreme hard work and determination is the only way to take you to your destination. Root for your success and watch it following you. One of his milestone examples is the Instagram page “chal.jhuti” having 67k followers. Also, you can personally connect to him through @anand.kumar_20. Apart from being a guide and speaker, Anand talks about staying active and at peace with what you like. He likes sports, particularly biking, swimming and is emotionally attached to music and drumming.

Talking about his family background, Anand comes from a middle class family in Jamshedpur. To do extraordinary things with an ordinary society is even quite tedious. But let’s ask that question to the believer. In terms of mantras to the youth who are beginning in the marketing world, Anand advises to follow your guts. To stay put, conserved, focused, and value your time if you want to succeed in your domain. Anand’s father is a businessman and mother is a housewife. Even though seeing tough times at such a young age, it never made Anand disoriented rather it shaped him and built him to be more concentrated. His interest in technology and active education to make other youngsters understand has flowed him into this situation when everyone wants consultation from him. He has gotten several clients across the planet and is quite famous within Indian marketers. The only worthy word we can write that would describe Anand as a whole is “Unstoppable and Energetic“!

Alekh Kumar

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