Lyca Coin Debuts On CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko

Lyca Coin Debuts On CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko

Lyca Governance (Lyca), the crypto island cum micronation project, debuted on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Immediately, post listing, the price of Lyca coin reached US $0.08 but later dipped to US $0.04, some selling from the holders who entered the coin when it was listed at US $0.01 on Pancakeswap around two months ago. The analysts think that the Lyca coin may reach a price level of US $0.20 shortly due to increased traction and attempt by the coin’s management to raise significant private funds; the company has hired investment bankers who are in talks with several prominent investors. The project’s market cap is under US $200 million but may surpass US $1 billion sooner than expected. The fully diluted market cap of the project is US $3.8 billion as per CoinMarketCap.

The IEO price of Lyca is US $0.50. Hence the investors who enter at this point can HODL and exit in the IEO. Lyca coin is also proposing to airdrop another coin called Lyca Pay to all the existing holders of Lyca coin. The Lyca Pay coin will be used for payments and rewards related to Lyca Island’s online gambling and sports betting platform. For example: if you own US $100 worth of Lyca coin, you will receive 10x the value of Lyca Pay (US $1000). Lyca Pay is priced at US $0.001 each; the coin will begin trading post-IEO of Lyca coin.

“Lyca Island has a great future and is surely a 100x project. The product is excellent. The world needs a crypto island, the crypto investors need their own space, and this is where this project perfectly fits in,” said Linda Sherman, Analyst with MT5 Brokerage, London.

What is Lyca Coin?

  • Lyca coin is the native coin of Lyca Governance. The management acquired a 7.5-acre island in Belize, which it plans to convert into a full-fledged crypto island. The island has plans to qualify as a micronation. A micronation is a small country that focuses on critical regions like promoting crypto, tax haven, gambling, etc.
  • The Lyca coin holders can co-own the island by purchasing coins and participate in the growth.
  • The Lyca coin holders can also opt for e-citizenship, which will allow them to incorporate a business (company registration) and 
  • Lyca Island will allow people to set up their mining rigs on the island without worrying about a ban. The island will generate power through solar and wind energy.
  • The Lyca Island will allow people to party on the island and supports nudity. You may witness nude people on the island. Hence it is advised to control your hormones!

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