Low in carbohydrates cocktails that are ideal for your New Year’s Eve celebration are keto beverages

Low in carbohydrates cocktails that are ideal for your New Year’s Eve celebration are keto beverages

Are you throwing a party to welcome the new year? Drinks are a vital aspect of a successful party, whether you’re throwing a little get-together or going all out for a large one. Most New Year’s celebrations begin early, which means that guests can enjoy festive cocktails or mixed beverages like sangria for several hours. While these delectable beverages are delightful during the festivities, you’ll probably feel exhausted and lethargic on New Year’s Day. Sugary alcoholic beverages can exacerbate hangover symptoms the following day, making you feel drained and bloated.

It makes sense to replace sugary drinks with these low-carb alcoholic beverages on New Year’s Day, whether you’re following a ketogenic diet or just want to feel amazing. These choices allow you to greet the new year with a tasty, flavor-filled beverage while avoiding the added sugar. We’ll go over all the information you need to make these low-carb cocktails below, along with a list of sugary beverages you should stay away from. There’s no reason why New Year’s Day has to be so difficult!

Low-carb alcoholic drinks

Many of the ingredients in alcoholic cocktails with low carbs are typically the same. When choosing an alcoholic beverage for your cocktails, go for pure gin or whisky. These strong liquors are the ideal foundation for any keto drink because they are devoid of carbohydrates. Certain wines and beers are also low in carbohydrates if you’re trying to cut back on sugar. Another common beverage offered during New Year’s celebrations is champagne, which also usually has a low sugar content.

Choose brut or extra brut champagnes, which have the least amount of sugar and carbohydrates, if you want to serve it as a welcome-the-new-year beverage. Of course, you’ll want to look for low-carb cocktail mixers to make a tasty drink for your party, unless you’re planning on taking shots of straight whisky during your New Year’s celebration.

Traditional alcoholic mixers, such Bloody Mary Mix or Margarita Mix, are loaded with sugar and harmful additives like high-fructose corn syrup. Alternatively, you can reduce your intake of sugar by using diet tonic water, seltzer, or diet soda or juices as mixers. Some brands, like Zevia’s mixers, are even marketed as keto-friendly alcoholic mixers these days.

Low carb mojito

You’re in luck if you enjoy the sweet, minty flavour of a mojito! You can easily make this drink into a low-carb cocktail by using diet soda in place of the sweet ones. Enjoy the refreshing, minty flavour of a mojito without consuming too much sugar thanks to this drink, which is made with diet Coke and zero-carb liquor like rum or vodka.

six leaves of mint
1.5 ounces of white rum or vodka (if at all feasible, use unflavored rum or vodka)
two tsp fresh lime juice
1 ounce of Fresca Club Citrus soda
0.5 ounces Diet 7up (or any other diet that involves clear soda)

Place the mint leaves in a cocktail glass. Another option for serving a mojito is in a highball glass.
Add ice to taste, up to approximately halfway through. Stir for a short while after adding the diet 7up, club soda, lime juice, and rum or vodka. Stirring facilitates simultaneous chilling and mixing of the ingredients. Have fun!

Low-carb Moscow mule

Another traditional cocktail that is frequently heavy in sugar is the Moscow mule, which is served in a copper mug. Ginger beer, the cocktail mixer used in this concoction, frequently has a high sugar and carbohydrate content. Still, a low-carb version of this traditional drink is easy to make with a few quick tweaks. This is how to prepare a tasty, low-sugar version of this drink.


Four fluid ounces of vodka
1 cup of liquid lime juice
One cup of cubes
a quarter-cup sugar-free ginger ale
Two lime wedges, optional for garnish

Method: Fill two copper cups with vodka and lime juice.
Stir up the sugar-free ginger beer and ice cubes.
As a garnish, add some lime slices (optional).

Vodka-flavored soda

Probably one of the most straightforward yet traditional low-carb drinks is a vodka soda. With just two basic ingredients needed, this cocktail is among the “cleanest” you’ll find and will lessen hangover symptoms the following day. A vodka soda is the ideal beverage to help you stick to your ketogenic diet because it has almost no carbohydrates. What you need to prepare a traditional vodka soda is as follows:

1 oz of vodka, any kind
Four ounces of club soda (or any sugar-free sparkling beverage, such La Croix)
Lime garnish, if desired
Note: You can prepare this drink with any brand of regular vodka. Another option is to use flavoured vodkas, such raspberry or citron vodka, which have a hint of flavour. But be careful to make sure there isn’t any added sugar in your flavoured vodka. Additionally, you may add some flavour to the vodka soda without adding any sugar by adding a squeeze of lemon or lime into it.

Pour ice into a glass.
Over the ice, pour soda water and vodka. Stir gently to mix.
Add a wedge of lime, then savour!


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