Lokesh Goyal : The Man Everyone Should Know

Lokesh Goyal : The Man Everyone Should Know

Have you ever seen those shows on the Discovery Science channel showing a factory picture of how cars are made? Those shows are mainly focused on overseas products, which means that Indian car companies are rarely portrayed in the same way. Indian children are growing up learning about the internal processes of the F1 car, something most of us will never see in real life. But we don’t get the same thing about our Indian cars and bikes which will be the car of our choice when we grow up. But today, with this article, we will know of one such person, who can proudly say that he is the reason why the motorcycle industry operates in India.

Meet Lokesh Goyal, deputy director of Fairdeal Agencies, under the auspices of Royal Agencies Private Limited. Lokesh Goyal is a highly educated, graduate man from Harvard University with regard to International Marketing. Currently, she is also a guest lecturer at IIM and IIT and is often invited to high demand student meetings. Lokesh Goyal does not hesitate to give himself the credit he deserves and deserves it. Not only is he well educated and a handsome man, but he also plays an irreplaceable role in the Indian automotive industry.

His company Fairdeal Agency is the only company that manufactures and manufactures robots used in the production process of Indian products such as Hero Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Bajaj. An example of a robot made by the Fairdeal Agency is considered to be one of the best on the Indian subcontinent and therefore a partner of the Panasonic India channel. Fairdeal Agencies are the dominant force in the industry as the high cost of setting up a factory and the level of technology and accuracy required in the industry prevents other small companies from reaching the same level as Lokesh Goyal’s business. Apart from this, Fairdeal Agencies have been in the business for over 57 years now. After so many years of model work, it is not just a matter of being alone but of the quality of the service provided.

Under Lokesh Goyal’s management, the company has been growing steadily, with increasing sales as well as receiving revenue. Over the years, the Fairdeal Agency has established Pan-India and Headquarters in Jalandhar with branches in Delhi, Gurgaon (NCR), Chandigarh, Mandi Gobind Garh, Udhampur, Haridwar, Rudrapur (Pant Nagar), Jammu and Kanpur. Each branch is an individual unit and has its own warehouse and support center. Being the manager of such a wide-ranging industry alone is a huge responsibility, but Lokesh Goyal plays a role with determination and encouragement in making his business a success.

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