Little Sunshine’s Playhouse- Providing an All-Inclusive, Safe, and Caring Environment for Children

Little Sunshine’s Playhouse- Providing an All-Inclusive, Safe, and Caring Environment for Children

“Our schools are filled with this potential energy, and we need to create an environment for that energy to manifest itself”- Phil Keoghan.

Since the age of one, toddlers begin to build their sense of self. They realize that they are separate and develop a sense of independence. By using their imaginative skills, they explore the little world around them. A playhouse acts as a fun, playful haven for these young ones. A place for creativity that nurtures their imagination; a playhouse develops curiosity, allowing children to discover and explore the mysteries of the physical and social world.

Children begin to engage in pretend play, develop receptive and expressive language, and build their cognitive abilities. Since each child’s learning and development needs are unique, they need a learning environment to learn to communicate their feelings, thoughts, and needs. Little Sunshine’s Playhouse & Preschool has emerged as nurturing and creative world for young kids, providing the highest quality of communication, security, and innovative conveniences through their exceptional services.

Excellence is our Goal

Little Sunshine’s Playhouse began as an in-home preschool in 1998. After much success, the superior preschool program and the Reggio Emilia inspired approach, the founding students began Little Sunshine’s legacy. Displaying their passion, determination, and vision, they established the first official Little Sunshine’s Playhouse & Preschool in 2002. The school operates 29 early learning centers throughout the country, including Granite Bay, CA, and Gilbert, AZ.

Today, Little Sunshine’s Playhouse passionately serves thousands of families. It provides quality early education care to children ages six weeks to 6 years. Little Sunshine offers a safe, secure, and nurturing environment to children ages six-weeks through the preschool learning program, Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum, and a comprehensive quality assurance program to highly trained early childhood educators.

Creating a community of life-long learners.

Little Sunshine’s Playhouse & Preschool offers multiple educational programs that are age-appropriate and inspiring for young growing kids. The educators aim at providing high-quality programs to boost children’s physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development. The Reggio Emilia approach here fosters a love of learning through curiosity, collaboration and play.

The Preschool program for Toddlers

The education program comprises a modern and creative curriculum for infants. The fun-loving environment teaches children age-appropriate lessons, manners, and social skills, developing their creativity, curiosity, and open-mindedness. For example, the child is taught to write their name and recognize letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. In addition, preschool teachers introduce concepts like opposites, identifying emotions, and basic directional skills.

The classroom engages the toddlers in purposeful play based on creativity. The activities include visiting a library, scientific experimentation, dramatic play, art and craft, literacy, and mathematics games. Moreover, children enjoy playing musical instruments and playing tennis, golf, and karate. The infant curriculum acknowledges and values each child’s abilities, differences, and strengths.

“We believe a child’s work is play. Children learn best as well as develop socially and emotionally through engaging in a variety of age-appropriate activities in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment.”

Pre-Kindergarten Educational Program

 Skilled pre-kindergarten teachers help build essential skills by carefully crafting engaging activities that balance instruction and purposeful play. The education program for toddlers involves a curriculum that promotes imaginative skills such as listening, counting, and writing. To get involved with a home-like classroom environment, toddler feels valued and respected. Introducing K-8 educational programs will help children meet their unique needs. Language development is rapid at this age, improving vocabulary. All lessons are presented in a way that helps children to boost their learning through play.

Consequently, children who enjoy learning at a young age will carry it with them throughout their lives. Moreover, initiating collective engagement between parent-teacher brings a child’s wellbeing and creates a coherent learning environment. Hence, the educational programs, including the Reggio Emilia-inspired philosophy, spark new synergies across school systems.

Focusing on Improving Parenting Styles

Promoting quality early care and education programs at Little Sunshine’s Playhouse help to meet children’s and family’s needs. The school offers a comprehensive parent engagement program that caters to parents’ needs and builds their capacity to support their children’s development. The program helps parents become responsive and dedicate quality time to their children to foster a strong bond. Consequently, parents learn to engage with their children in various activities such as playing games, watching movies, conversations, or going for outings. Making quality time for children builds trust, hence strengthening the parent-child relationship.

Create a culture of continuous quality improvement for early childhood educators.

Trained educators designed innovative classrooms that include a range of teaching techniques designed to increase engagement, develop creativity, encourage collaboration. Preschoolers are more adventurous and curious about their surroundings; therefore, teachers guide them through their journey to explore the marvelous world around them.

The educators provide engaging, hands-on learning opportunities to foster listening skills, problem-solving techniques, and social engagement. Various hands-on activities and collaboration tasks such as brainstorming, small group discussions, and questioning inspire imagination and spark curiosity in children. It ensures the best learning opportunities for all learners.

“There continues to be a strong demand for high-quality childcare and early education programs nationwide,” said Roubal. “We’re meeting this critical need for our communities and providing children a unique curriculum designed to enrich their minds as we prepare them for their educational journeys.”

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