Lil Meta Is Emerging As the Top Rapper In the US for His Refreshing Music and Raps

Lil Meta Is Emerging As the Top Rapper In the US for His Refreshing Music and Raps

Lil Meta is a popular rapper based out of the US. He is widely acclaimed for his intrinsic ability to infuse fresh zeal in his musical notes and compositions. He’s an indie artist who enjoys tremendous support from his fans and followers from all sections of society.

“Music has always fascinated me. When I was just 9, I started exploring my talents in music. I wrote several song lyrics in those days. I just enjoyed listening to a wide variety of music and trying my hand at lyrics writing. However, when I was admitted to 8th grade, I started realizing my knack for music at the Florida Air Academy,” Lil Meta added.

However, Lil Meta only took his musical career seriously when he was 21. And there has been no looking back for him since then. He loves music as it helps him to explore his creativity. He believes music is the best way to explore one’s hidden potential in creativity. Lil Meta was highly inspired by famous artists like Daddy Yankee, Lil Wayne, and T.I., Eminem.

Lil Meta was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, but he moved to South Florida when he was just 5. His birth name was Chase Turner, but changed the same to Lil Meta when he started his professional journey as an indie artist.

“There was no specific reason behind changing my birth name. I just felt that my pen/ stage name Lil Meta resonates better with the audience. It inspires me to operate all my social media accounts with my pen name, and I got tremendous support from my fans and followers. Right now, I’ve dedicated myself fully to music. I am extremely happy the way my career is moving forward,” Lil Meta added.

Lil Meta is a versatile artist. He is a lyricist, indie artist, musician, and rapper as well. He’s also an entrepreneur and runs his own music label DBT Entertainment.

In his professional life, he has collaborated with a lot of famous music personalities like Yung Buck, Lil Boosie, Skippa Da Flippa, LightSkinKeisha, Coca Vango, B.o.B, Waka Flocka Flame, and Dj Khaled.

Lil Meta’s recent track Ketchup was liked by all music lovers. It streamed across several musical platforms and online streaming sites. Interestingly, the track was jointly written by Lil Meta, Micheal Armour, and Aquil Brown.

Some of Lil Meta’s other famous works include Drippin, Ride With Me, Days inn, and Juice among others. These tracks also went viral as soon as they were released on Spotify. Such is the charm of Lil Meta. His fans eagerly wait for his new singles and tracks round the year.

Did you know Lil Meta’s Drippin garnered over a million views online? If it amazes you, Lil Meta’s success outside will astound you even more.

Before establishing his credentials as a successful indie artist, Lil Meta successfully worked at his family business for eight years. But somewhere his ambition was to explore his talents as a musician. And that’s what kept him on his toes.

Lil Meta’s success as an indie artist can be justified by the fact that people across the world appreciate his musical talents. Starting from adolescent to elderly people, everyone likes Lil Meta.

Lil Meta has worked with famous organizations like the BMI, United Masters, Distrokid, and Foundation Media. He has also made a lot of appearances online on various TV programs, online media, popular radio shows and news magazines.

Lil Meta is also available on Instagram and Spotify. Follow him online to stay up to date about his latest track and other announcements.

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