“Let’s walk towards a fitter lifestyle”, says DMP Fitness’ Dan Martin Paul

“Let’s walk towards a fitter lifestyle”, says DMP Fitness’ Dan Martin Paul

Dan Martin Paul has been doing his bit to make sure everyone follows a healthier routine for a fitter lifestyle. For more than nine years, Dan has been following an excruciating fitness regime.

For the uninitiated, Dan’s love and passion for fitness were first ignited at 18, and there has been no looking back for the athlete since then. The 27-year-old’s primary goal has been to influence people from different walks of life to adopt a healthier lifestyle that will only be beneficial to them in the long run.

“There is no substitute for fitness. Whether it’s hitting the gym for 45 minutes or just taking a brisk walk in your garden for 30 minutes, it’s important to get out and move. Add a workout, even if it’s something as simple as walking around your building,” Dan had said when asked about the importance of a workout.

Dan is passionate about a healthy lifestyle. He didn’t hesitate to invite his family and friend to follow him in this. Dan is the father of 2 little boys, Malik Martin Paul and Milan Martin Paul. Despite their young age, the little ones are already very active. Even as Malik has started training he loves it and sees himself, he is #AlwaysReadyForIt. Dan is a very proud dad (Proud FitDad). He also wants to show that when we want we can, and even despite a very busy schedule.

Dan then went on to elaborate that his core idea is to improve people’s lives and spread the importance of fitness through his brand. “I’ve always believed that you can get anything you want if you dress for it, and with DMP Fitness, I am certain that people will enjoy the comfort it provides and they need while walking towards a fitter lifestyle,” Dan said.

Rather than thinking of the result, the athlete believes in focusing on the process. He then stated that achieving a fit lifestyle cannot be achieved overnight, but it is an ongoing journey that is visible with sheer consistency and dedication. Fitness isn’t an option but a necessity, and it’s time to take a cue from Dan Martin Paul to live life with a holistic and disciplined approach.

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