Laura Jacobs is not a typical model and actress.

Laura Jacobs is not a typical model and actress.

Laura Jacobs is a fashion celebrity and role model. Apart from being a successful model and film personality, Laura has established herself as a successful dating coach and professional matchmaker as well. 

She played several roles in her film career. In films such as Daydream Nation, and Percy Jackson, viewers and critics appreciated Laura’s acting skills and screen presence.  

As a relationship expert, Laura advises girls on the nuances of dating. Laura believes girls should be proud to be single and that being single is not a problem to be “solved”, but rather something to celebrate and feel good in your own skin about. Some of Laura’s relationship articles have gotten published in the prestigious Los Angeles Times and other news outlets as well.

As a former international fashion model, Laura extensively worked across Asia and Europe and the USA before becoming a well-known fashion celebrity. 

Academically, she earned a degree in Classical Theatre Studies and Psychology from McGill University.

Currently, Laura is also managing young talents and aspiring models. She launched LRJ Management, an International Talent Management Company, which assists aspiring models in understanding the nitty-gritty of fashion and the modelling world. As of now, the company represents over 40 working models worldwide.  

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