Launching Tampa’s AI-Driven Accounting System

Launching Tampa’s AI-Driven Accounting System

Andres Hernandez is gearing up to completely launch his new accounting software application this weekend from his Tampa headquarters, so he won’t be spending much time enjoying the holidays.

Hernandez, 23, registered about 150 users for his AI-powered platform during the pre-launch phase of his business, Pezzi. Only a few months after graduating from Rollins University, he began working on Pezzi. The business declared earlier this week that it had secured initial money from unidentified Tampa-based investors totaling about $135,000. Hernandez told the Catalyst, “It’s a validation of our vision to revolutionize small business financial management through innovative technology.”

“It’s been hectic,” he added. “I haven’t been sleeping more than about three hours per day.” He shared that recent product testing had been “perfect,” giving him the sense that his nascent company is ready to be successful.

Hernandez aims to simplify the intricate process of accounting for his primarily modest clientele, whose monthly income is expected to fall between $10,000 and $200,000. Pezzi plans to automate other bookkeeping tasks, such as profit and loss statements (P&Ls), using AI. Hernandez clarified that Pezzi will also streamline and reduce the numerous categories seen in spreadsheets used by businesses.

Hernandez anticipates taking direct aim at well-known services like Stripe and QuickBooks, which he says are prone to the kind of human error that artificial intelligence automation would hopefully eradicate. According to him, the program will assist in making tax codes simpler for its clients.

Pezzi will charge clients $185 per month and will offer one free month to start. “I want people to find the integrity inside Pezzi,” Hernandez said. “I know a lot might be skeptical.” He wanted to launch in time for a new year – and a new tax season.

Hernandez grew up in Brandon after being born in Fort Lauderdale. He revealed that, because of the growth of IT businesses in Tampa, he “wanted to make it a Tampa company” and that he had gotten the concept for Pezzi in a dream. He witnessed the errors committed by CPAs, in part because his parents are company owners. He worked as a software engineer for a while, doing internships at Google and Disney, and holds degrees in business management and computer science with a minor in economics.

Hernandez currently works alongside his CFO and a marketing specialist in Tampa’s Industrious building. He recently hired a fourth developer in Houston; the other three are located in Peru and the Philippines. He anticipates having 10,000 clients and 20–25 workers by the end of 2024, establishing an internal sales and marketing staff among other things.

For now, as 2023, draws to a close, he is not doing much more than work and sleep. Will he take in any of the New Year’s Eve celebrations? “I’m not sure,” he said with a chuckle. “I’m a workaholic. If I stay up long enough, maybe I’ll see the ball drop.”


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