Launch of the ‘TQ42’ Quantum-as-a-Service Platform to Boost the Creation of Business Solutions

Launch of the ‘TQ42’ Quantum-as-a-Service Platform to Boost the Creation of Business Solutions

Leading provider of quantum software, Terra Quantum, today unveiled TQ42, a groundbreaking platform for quantum software as a service that enables businesses in many industries to readily access potent quantum solutions.

Through TQ42, a variety of customers can use Terra Quantum’s sophisticated quantum algorithms and resilient hybrid quantum cloud architecture in a simplified and safe manner. TQ42, which is ideal for developers proficient in Python, APIs, and command-line operations, is now in beta and accessible to a limited number of enterprises. After the initial beta period, a wide range of data scientists and business analysts will be able to design quantum solutions without the requirement for significant computing or coding experience thanks to TQ42’s no-code web interface.

According to Markus Pflitsch, CEO of Terra Quantum, “TQ42 is a pivotal breakthrough, providing practical access to quantum tools for solving complex, industry-spanning challenges.” “This platform marks a giant leap in the adoption and value creation of quantum technology by enabling diverse organizations to engage with it in a value creation.”

TQ42 can be used by startups and established businesses alike to improve software development, streamline workflows, and tackle challenging problems. Applications supported by this unified, enterprise-grade platform range from chemical mixer design, supply chain optimization, and financial options pricing simulations to picture classification in defect detection.

“Envision a world where the sheer power of quantum computing is at your fingertips, no matter your current expertise level in the quantum realm,” said Florian Neukart, Terra Quantum’s Chief Product Officer. “That’s the reality we’ve brought to life with TQ42. It’s not just a platform; it’s a robust, cloud-based gateway that empowers businesses to harness the immense potential of quantum computing with ease and confidence.”

“TQ42 is a game-changer, dismantling the traditional barriers to quantum adoption,” added Neukart. “We’re not just offering a service; we’re providing a complete ecosystem of transparency, knowledge and unwavering support. This is where businesses can truly start reaping the revolutionary benefits of quantum’s disruptive power.”

Following strict security guidelines, TQ42 aims to open the door for real breakthroughs. With its Python SDK and APIs, the platform gives organizations the freedom to create custom models or investigate ready-made solutions. Among its notable attributes are:

  • Access to sophisticated modeling, optimization, and machine learning methods in quantum computing.
  • Tools designed to make the life of developers easier when creating, running, and analyzing complicated applications and experiments.
  • An easy-to-use web interface that streamlines result analysis, project management, and collaboration.
  • data privacy is ensured by seamless integration with current cloud infrastructures.
  • consistent availability of a variety of quantum computing resources.

While Terra Quantum’s team of experts continues to provide clients with personalized, value-added solutions, TQ42 goes above and beyond. It gives clients direct access to the exclusive algorithms of Terra Quantum, allowing them to apply pre-optimized solutions. The platform uses a scalable, secure infrastructure to move models into production, allows team cooperation in project and experiment management, and allows team access to be customized.

TQ42’s main goal is to give consumers direct access to the revolutionary power of quantum solutions, lowering barriers to entry and encouraging internal cooperation for a faster, more effective route to manufacturing and integration.

To join the TQ42 beta program and be among the first to use the platform, Terra Quantum is extending an invitation to a select group of pioneers. Visit to join the waiting list for early access.

Regarding Terra Quantum

Leading provider of quantum technology, Terra Quantum Group is situated in Germany and Switzerland. First, it offers “Quantum Algorithms as a Service,” which is one of its three primary areas of “Quantum as a Service (QaaS).” Here, clients have access to a vast library of techniques, including hybrid quantum optimization and hybrid quantum neural networks, which can be applied to a variety of tasks like pattern recognition and intricate logistical challenges. Additionally, Terra Quantum creates original quantum algorithms for its clients or modifies pre-existing ones to meet their requirements. Second, Terra Quantum develops native QPUs and makes its proprietary high-performance simulated quantum processing units (QPUs) available to its customers through “Quantum Computing as a Service.” These QPUs are the physical QPUs of the quantum ecosystem. The third Terra Quantum delivers its own solutions for safe quantum and post-quantum communications globally through its “Quantum Security as a Service” subsidiary.


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