Launch of the Business Coach Program by Canyon Economic Development Corporation

Launch of the Business Coach Program by Canyon Economic Development Corporation

The Canyon Economic Development Corporation will conduct its Lunch and Learn event to introduce its Business Coach Program, which will empower regional business owners and promote local economic development.

The Cole Community Center, 300 16th Street in Canyon, will host the event.

Participants in the program will have access to a Leading Edge team of knowledgeable business coaches who will share their knowledge on a variety of topics, including:

Business strategy and planning, branding and marketing, financial management, logistics and operations, and sales and customer involvement are all included.
Additionally, the presentation will provide audience members the chance to hear personal accounts from participants network with local businesspeople,” the release said.

“We are excited to partner with Leading Edge to bring this invaluable resource to the businesses of Canyon,” said Stephanie Tucker, Executive Director of the Canyon Economic Development Corporation. “Our mission is to empower local entrepreneurs and provide them with the tools they need to thrive. The Business Coach Program is a testament to that commitment, and we encourage all interested business owners to attend the Lunch and Learn event to explore the endless possibilities it offers.”

An statement states that the Canyon EDC aims to link entrepreneurs, startups, and small company owners with professionals who can offer strategic insight and counsel to help with business growth.


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