Launch of New Tesla Model Y Options in Australia

Launch of New Tesla Model Y Options in Australia

Tesla Australia has revealed further Model Y possibilities. The infotainment system of the cars has been updated, and new paint jobs, wheel coverings, and colors are among the new options for the Tesla Model Y.

According to Tesla Australia’s order page, Quicksilver paint from Giga Shanghai is now available in Australia. The Quicksilver option for the Tesla Model Y carries an extra AUD $2,600 price tag. Australians can currently select from the following Model Y paint options: Ultra Red, Stealth Grey, Quicksilver, Pearl White Multi-coat, Deep Blue Metallic, and Solid Black.

The Quicksilver Model Y units were stacked in the Shanghai Southport Terminal around the end of March 2024, ready for export. Last month, the ultra-metallic silver color option was introduced in China. Model Y Quicksilver was previously only available to Giga Berlin units. Midnight Cherry Red is another well-liked paint option from Giga Berlin.

For the Model Y RWD and Long Range Dual Moto AWD variants, Tesla Australia is now offering dark 19″ Gemini wheels in terms of wheel colors and coverings. In Australia, the sole available wheel configuration for the Tesla Model Y Performance is the 21″ Überturbine wheels. Dark-colored Gemini wheels are presently produced by Tesla Giga Shanghai. Light-colored Gemini wheels are produced in the Tesla Fremont Factory.

All Model Y variations are expected to be delivered in Tesla Australia between April and June of 2024. While the Longe Range Dual Motor AWD model costs AUD$72,900 before extras, the standard Model Y starts at AUD$63,900. In Australia, the Model Y Performance is priced starting at $82,900.

Sanchita Patil

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