Land Rover Defender Octa’s Official Unveiling is Scheduled for July 3

Land Rover Defender Octa’s Official Unveiling is Scheduled for July 3

According to Land Rover, the Defender Octa will make its public debut on July 3rd. This version of the Defender will be the strongest one available for purchase. It will also be the company’s first car to sport the “JLR” logo, which belongs to the Defender Octa. In 2023, Jaguar Land Rover separated into a new company, JLR, and the Defender, Range Rover, and Discovery models became separate brands.

Prospective consumers can register for a global reveal event, when early access will be provided and customers can select the Defender Octa’s specs, in the UK, Germany, Italy, the US, Dubai, and Japan.

A twin-turbocharged V8 engine derived from BMW powers the Land Rover. The 4.4-liter engine’s power and torque outputs are still unknown. That being said, the same engine that powers the Range Rover Sport SV delivers 609 horsepower and 800 Nm, enabling it to accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in a mere 3.8 seconds.

The unique Octa diamond emblem, which will be prominently displayed on the steering wheel, side-pannier mounts, and numerous other sections of the SUV, is also included in the teaser. JLR is testing the new vehicle extensively in a variety of environments, from the dry desert of Dubai to the snowy, ice conditions of Sweden. Additionally, the business is testing the Defender Octa on the tough Moab rock crawls and the Nurburgring track.

In the off-roader lineup, the Defender Octa will be the flagship model. The SUV will proudly display the term “Land Rover” as an honorary symbol on its exterior in addition to new JLR badging. When the launch date approaches, further details regarding the Defender Octa should be made public in the upcoming days.

Sanchita Patil

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