Lady Gaga to play Harley Quinn in Joker sequel

Lady Gaga to play Harley Quinn in Joker sequel

Lady Gaga is set to play Harley Quinn in the sequel to the multi-award winning Joker, which is due to see Joaquin Phoenix back in her lead role.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Gaga is in line to play former Arkham Asylum psychotherapist Quinn, who regularly appears in Batman-related fiction as the Joker’s sidekick and love interest. Margot Robbie played the character in a high-profile outing in the 2016 film Suicide Squad, as well as in its 2021 sequel The Suicide Squad. The character’s version of Robbie was also a central figure in the 2020 superhero film Birds of Prey.

No details of the film’s plot have been revealed, but the reporter states that Joker 2’s Quinn “…will exist in a different DC universe than Robbie’s Harley Quinn”—possibly with previous iterations of the character as the first Joker. shows a distant relationship. Director and co-writer Todd Phillips posted a script cover page on social media on Wednesday, saying the film’s subtitle is “Folie Deux,” a reference to a psychiatric syndrome in which a delusion is shared by two people. , which may well refer to Quinn’s location in the film’s story.

The reporter also states that Joker 2 will be “a musical”, although no further details have been given.

In the same social media post, Phillips also revealed a photo of Phoenix reading the script, although reports suggest that Phoenix has yet to commit to the project. The reporter says its sources claim that “Warners has yet to close a deal with the actor, with both sides deep in it”, but it’s inconceivable that the project will go ahead without his involvement.

Lady Gaga’s foray into film acting has so far proved exceptionally successful, receiving Oscar nominations for Best Actress for A Star Is Born and BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations for Best Actress for House of Gucci.

Sneha Mali

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