Kris Lal : Diversity is not a trend on social media, it’s a necessity

Kris Lal : Diversity is not a trend on social media, it’s a necessity

Kris Lal CEO and Founder of Curatorsocial talked to us recently about the importance of diversity on social media and why he believes it’s a necessity for brands that want to do well. In his forthcoming free guide for marketers, he’s making it clear to brands that Diversity is the way forward for campaigns and not just for profit, we have an obligation as a society to drive change.

Explain to us why Diversity in your eyes, is not a trend but a necessity in social media today?

Diversity is KEY. As a rule for the last four years at we have made a point to avoid working with brands unless we have the freedom to pitch a diverse array of talent for campaigns. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming that your message can only relayed one particular way. We’ve learnt and ROI shows that there is an abundance of value for brands approaching campaigns from a diverse perspective Make it so that your brand’s story is too important to tell in one tone. Now more than ever, brands must be aligned with their audiences increasing desire and expectation to see themselves represented equally through their content and messaging. How do brands avoid looking as though they are exploiting current events and trends when it comes to diversity? Simple, be consistent. We don’t want to see a few ‘token’ images celebrating diverse talent popping up every six months when it’s newsworthy, we want to see real stories, content and a narrative weaved respectfully in its own right throughout. The key word here is respect, never EVER appropriate culture to suit your marketing initiatives, audiences deserve better and will demand it especially if they feel brands are capitalizing from it. One key thing we need to do and see is that decision makers and those running actual campaigns are from a diverse backgrounds with different viewpoints themselves. Our best campaigns are always a team effort where we encourage open, honest and diverse conversations.

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