King Wizard – The Art of Melody

King Wizard – The Art of Melody

King Wizard is a talented multi-instrumentalist and one of the hottest sample makers in the music industry. He has worked with multiple major labels, first being contracted to help develop artists for Island Records aged only 19. As a musician and vocalist, he has performed live to hundreds of thousands of people at arenas across the globe, and for tens of millions on TV. He has recorded music for TV and Film, scoring the feature length documentary Dude! Where’s My Music?, starring legendary acts including Radiohead, Slash and Slayer. He took charge of keys and musical arrangement for the BBC1 series This Is My Song, and had his music played at the MPG awards in front of an audience of the world’s most successful producers, who have collectively sold literally billions of records. As an artist, Wizard has played arena shows supporting UK chart toppers including Rita Ora, Tinchy Stryder, Chip, The Noisettes, and Mystery Jets.

Wizards accomplishments in his career speak for themselves, however we wanted to talk to him about what he’s currently working on with his company Underdog Music, founded by King Wizard, Big Papa Harvey and Alderman. Wizards skill set allows him to produce some incredible melody samples, with Wizard himself often being referred to as a genius by both press and colleagues. Having heard some of his music, I’m inclined to agree. I asked him what goes into the process. “Melody is infinite. The only obstacles to crystallising an infinite supply of melodic content are a lack of skill, and getting in your own way. I have spent over twenty five years making sure that a lack of skill is not an issue. And I make a point of never standing in my own way. I just open up the tap and let the ideas flow, and hey presto – there’s another great melody. It never fails.” A fascinating look into the maestro’s process. I also wanted to know whether the implementation of live instruments complicated the process. “Music is infinitely complex and infinitely simple at the same time. Either you block yourself, or you allow the correct notes to flow. If you seek total control, it is far too complicated to comprehend and you will take wrong turns. If you allow the universe to dictate the direction of your work, you will never fail, never take a wrong step, never make a wrong turn, never hit a dead end. You will just hit home run after home run, for you are in reality not the one wielding the bat. You are simply enabling the ball to fly.”

If Wizard’s melodies are as good as his metaphors then I’m sure he’s due for far more success from here on out! King Wizard is swiftly becoming the prime industry plug for melodies and loops, his combination of live instruments, programming and processing frequently coming together to make bona fide hits. He regularly posts content around his process on his Instagram @iamkingwizard and news and updates via his website

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