Kia Plans to Introduce Two More Mass-Market EVs and a New Carens EV in India

Kia Plans to Introduce Two More Mass-Market EVs and a New Carens EV in India

A new Carens EV is one of the three new EVs that Kia has announced plans to introduce in the area.

Kia will Introduce More Affordable Cars, such as the Carens EV

Kia has revealed its new plan to become a leader in electrification during its CEO Investor Day.

Kia’s new strategies center on producing reasonably priced electric vehicles while adding more hybrid models. The Korean carmaker intends to increase EV sales by offering affordable electric vehicles, such as the EV2, EV3, EV4, and EV5.

The new cars were unveiled in October during Kia’s inaugural EV Day. They are a part of an extensive lineup of electric vehicles. In most markets, Kia hopes to offer prices between $25,000 and $80,000.

Kia plans to sell 1.6 million electric vehicles by 2030, therefore in 2027 it will increase the number of EV models in its lineup to 15.

The EV5, which the business has already unveiled in China, is priced starting at $20,000 (149,800 yuan). It will begin at about $46,000 (AUD 70,000) in Australia.

This year, Kia is unveiling the EV3, which is anticipated to start at about $30,000. Kia’s version of an all-electric compact crossover is called the EV3, or mini-EV9. It is a more compact, more reasonably priced version of the three-row EV9 with many of the same features, technologies, and designs.

Kia will introduce the EV4, an entry-level electric sedan, the following year. It is anticipated to begin at roughly $35,000.

Major markets, such as the US, Europe, and South Korea, are where Kia intends to introduce the EV2, EV3, EV4, and EV5.

Kia intends to introduce two new electric vehicles, including an India-specific Carens EV, in emerging markets.

As of right now, Kia’s lone electric vehicle is the EV6, but later this year, the three-row EV9 will be added. It is anticipated that the Kia Carens EV will go on sale the following year, with starting costs of about $25,000 (INR 2 million).

Sanchita Patil

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