Ka’Ron Gaines making it big in the literary world with Woke Seed Book

Ka’Ron Gaines making it big in the literary world with Woke Seed Book

Here is an interview from the literary star Ka’Ron Gaines:

Who is Ka’Ron Gaines?

I am a Father of 6, Activist, Rapper “MrOneGod”, Actor, Author, and clothing brand owner One
God Clothing. I was born and raised in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Tell us about Woke Seed book.

Woke Seed is about a boy named Light’s unexpected visit to his Uncle K house for the summer.
He discovers a new set of consciousness that will enlighten any young or older reader.

I couldn’t have done it without Danna Love wonderful illustrations and help with editing and help
with piecing the story together in a way readers can easily digest the message i wanted to
convey. I will forever be thankful for her talents.

Why is Woke Seed not available on Amazon?

Woke Seed is not on Amazon because, i wanted to keep it 100% independent for the first year
to build the actual brand with any other brands. You can purchase Woke Seed at

What is your recommendation to budding authors – traditional or self publishing?

I prefer self publishing to keep 100% ownership over your creation.

You recently featured in Outlook India, The Print, The India Saga. How do you react to the love you are get from India?

Being featured in those amazing platforms has been the biggest game changer for my sells and
recognition. It all started with the Cherry Book Awards and now it’s been a revolving door of
opportunities. I appreciate India so i would love to visit some day! It’s an amazing feeling getting
global and international support.

When do we get to read the next book by you?

I already have the part 2 and 3 written and will be launched 2022

What do you like doing for fun?

I love listening to soft music while I create. And I’m also a in the house movie guy or having fun
with my children.

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