Karine Petrosyan a well known personality winning hearts all over social media

Karine Petrosyan a well known personality winning hearts all over social media

Karine Petrosyan aka Kari Kari was born on 6th December in the year 1991 She was born at Russia (Stavropol) and is now based in Dubai. Her Mom is a Russian in nationality and her Dad is Armenian.

Karine is also a great Fashion Model as she’s got the ability to work well with others, active listening skills, physical skills like movement, coordination, dexterity and grace.

She always interacts with her audience no matter the size. She take time to answer questions and start conversations. She also stays active on her respective platforms and publishes content consistently. Such engaging influencers are valuable because they’re prepared to talk about a certain brand often.

She strongly believes that Everything is possible and we should keep trying things out the way we want to. Karine loves to explore new things and get along with different vibes.

Her patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations, the ability to organise your time and work load.

Her concentration skills is just mind blowing. If we look on to her educational background Karine has finished University Specialist in tourism and Hotel Management as she’s multitasking.

If we take a look at this beautiful personality’s personal life we would see that she’s got to be a single mom looking after a 5 year old angel like daughter who motivates her to achieve her goals. Karine considers her mom her best advisor her best friend and one of the most important part of her life
She states that being an Independent woman motivates her to the fullest and also dreams to Help women believe in themselves.

This beautiful personality has worked with some jaw dropping brands like: Elle, Vogue, Valentino, D&G, Alexander Wang, McQueen, Lanvin, Balmain, Issey Miyake and many more isn’t that crazy success!

She’s also co-operated with Marks and spencer, Splash, Loreal, Mac cosmetic, Fashion weeks in London, Milan, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo and more isn’t this huge?!

Nobody could compare her hard-work at any point because only she could feel the ups and downs for what she is today and we wish this amazing and inspirational personality a great year ahead.

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