Kareem Chenheu Famously known as 3amAlexander Founder of All Ends of the Spectrum Podcast

Kareem Chenheu Famously known as 3amAlexander Founder of All Ends of the Spectrum Podcast

3amAlexander’s platform doesn’t stop with his music. He has created a brand called All Ends of the Spectrum that includes cinematic vlogs, a weekly podcast covering current events, pop culture, with a sprinkle of self improvement tips…and of course, his revolutionary music.

New video from his vlog category September 15th 6:00pm Available on on his YouTube channel

His short vlogs sparked a unique interest, more so than his music in some ways. The videos capture everyday events and adventures of 3am’s life, featuring a few important people he has by his side. The way he cuts and pieces the footage, along with the voiceovers and effects, makes it feel like the camera is simply an extension of 3am’s stream of conscious. This makes the audience feel as if they know him in a unique way and feel dedicated to following his journey. He purposefully keeps the videos short and sweet, with his audience begging for more details. He knows what he’s doing—and it’s working. 3amAlexander’s most recent project, All Ends of the Spectrum Podcast is now streaming on Spotify, Apple, and Anchor. And to be honest, I am not surprised at all that he is now dabbling in talk radio. We already knew his voice felt good in our ears, but this is a new level. Through this podcast, we are able to learn more about who 3am is at his core. What motivates him? How does he view the world? How does he solve problems? What makes him emotional? This is the most raw and uncut content 3am has released to date and I am here for it.

It’s rare to find an artist so dedicated to his craft, who’s the sole creative director and engineer of the work, while also pushing the boundaries of what it means to create something out of nothing.

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