Kadia Zhane: Creating a positive rage as an international artist and performer.

Kadia Zhane: Creating a positive rage as an international artist and performer.

This passionate being is all set to release her new single, “E.R,” on November 8th, for which listeners and music lovers are eagerly waiting.

It is so astounding to know about all those people and professionals who, in their quest to reach their desired success levels, make sure to give it their all and leave no stone unturned in getting closer to their visions and aspirations in life. What is even more astounding is how more and more women have been coming forward to take over almost all industries of the world and showcase their A-game in their chosen niches. To do that in the music and entertainment niches have proved to be even more taxing, but it is passionate beings like Kadia Zhane who make all of this look flawless and how.

Kadia Zhane stands tall and unique as a one-of-a-kind music artist and a rising fashion icon across the US. Currently, she is gaining massive headlines, for she will soon release her new single titled “E.R” on November 8th, 2022. She hailed from humble beginnings and very early understood the importance of hard work and dedication. She grew up in an environment that was all about music and entertainment, as her mother would play different genres of music around the house. This ingrained in her pure love for music, and she started playing different instruments like the piano and violin and had a concert choir. As she grew older, Kadia Zhane also focused her energies on honing her skills in vocals, dance, and even acting while creating monologues and styling herself.

This later encouraged Kadia Zhane to step foot into different genres and artists across the US and internationally, gaining inspiration from top artists like Cardi B, Ivy Queen, The Weekend, The Beatles, Beethoven, and many others. It is interesting to know how before becoming an international artist, Kadia Zhane started her journey with high fashion and catalog modeling. She walked in New York Fashion week for US Olympic fencing medalists Ibtihaj Muhammad and Lenshina Nchami. Besides doing well in the fashion world, she also stunned people in entertainment by featuring in music videos with Pardison Fontaine, Casanova, Pusha T, Kalash, and a few others. She believes she could thrive so high in her career, for she chose to optimize her multicultural background of Cherokee Indian, Puerto Rican, and African American descent.

Kadia Zhane believes that her later song, E.R stands unique because it was created during some vulnerable times in her life after a heartbreak. Hence, she believes this song will resonate with those who have been hurt or have gone through heartbreak.

For her, music is her therapy and an outlet for expression, which has given her more positivity and hope in life.

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