Jessica Laine: How she has achieved massive success by helping others

Jessica Laine: How she has achieved massive success by helping others

Transitioning from being an athlete in boxing to becoming a known personality globally, she has come a long way.

It may take years for some people to realize their dreams and aspirations in life, while some others may realize that as soon as they venture into something. Being a part of the latter category could mean many challenges and hurdles in one’s path, but ultimately that’s how people go ahead in attaining the success they desire in all that they choose to do in their careers. Jessica Laine is one amongst those who did what she had to, to make a difference in the lives of others in terms of broadening their mindsets in health and wealth through her work.

Jessica Laine is leader and an inspiration for many women. She is a versatile professional who once worked as an on-air personality, TV reporter, and multi-skilled journalist as well as working as a health reporter for prominent media outlets. However, she was also a boxer, who had been a part of the 2016 Olympic trials but to do much more in her career, she decided to help people achieve both health and wealth through her ventures. She gained more inclination towards investing over time and learned the “its and bits” of the field, which led her to expand her portfolio exponentially, turning into a market analyst and gaining expertise in different asset classes like forex, indexes, and commodities binary options, and cryptocurrency.

She even attained expertise in mastering the market and successfully detecting the imbalances of supply and demand, creating an enormous amount of wealth for herself and others.

Today, she runs her finance mentorship program, where she teaches within a community of 5500 mentees worldwide. In the health niche, she has worked with Michelle Obama’s campaign, partnership for America: Building a Healthier Future, while also implementing different health initiatives within the community in local schools and organizations. Jessica Laine, also for taking her pursuits higher in the health sector, founded her NGO called Beyond The Body, Inc, where she leads a group of women that help youth, “Knock Out Obesity, Fight Mental Health, and Conquer Bullying,” and has even partnered with various clubs and programs to fight obesity issues.

She is growing to be a world-renowned entrepreneur, mentor, and serial investor and wants to continue working for the people across the world. To find out more, follow her on Instagram @itsjessicalaine.

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