James William Awad Wants to Inspire His Fans with His Brand-New Album

James William Awad Wants to Inspire His Fans with His Brand-New Album

The secret to success is very simple: inspiration. Gifted musician James William Awad aka Senior is on track to inspire just that in his fans with his upcoming album set to drop in mid-October. As someone who intimately knows failure and massive success, James William Awad has collected all of his emotions felt through decades of hard work, extracted their essences, and poured them into his brand new album.

James William Awad’s music goes out to the fans who are highly motivated and planning to achieve big things. For every person staying up until early morning working on a project, there is a Senior song that fuels that passion and asserts the notion that success can be obtained.

Inspired by Drake, Lil Baby, and The Weeknd, Senior’s album is a prolific mix of emotion and skilled lyrics. Fans got a little preview of the artist’s work with his debut single “Alexandra,” which came out recently and has already achieved a great deal of success.

Senior Musician is one of the most relatable artists under the sun. The overwhelming majority of his music comes from real life. He is no stranger to rejection and has faced much of it very early on in his life. Having overcome hurdles and masterfully jumped through the hoops of life, Senior is here to inspire and breathe ambition into fans. The project has been in the works for a while and has been prepared with tremendous passion and excitement that is guaranteed to translate into each and every song.

For news on Senior Musician’s upcoming album, follow his social media.
James William Awad is also the founder of “111” (Tripleone).

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