Jacob Clyburn’s Agency Aurora is Transforming Advertising with Agency Accounts

Jacob Clyburn’s Agency Aurora is Transforming Advertising with Agency Accounts

His entrepreneurship has changed the advertising ecological environment entirely.

Agency Aurora, Jacob Clyburn’s company collaborates with major social media platforms such as Meta, Tiktok and Google plus over thirty others to provide quality advertising accounts to hundreds of customers in diverse industries.

Clyburn began Agency Aurora because he faced severe problems in running multiple e-commerce brands at a large scale. His doubts were increased by issues such as unclear rules, disabled advertising accounts, high advertising costs and a lack of support.

Determined to find a solution to these problems, he investigated how big corporations advertised at a large scale without encountering all of those kinds of headaches. In this process came agency advertising accounts.

Starting Agency Aurora was not without its difficulties, says Clyburn who had to cope with expansion dilemmas, team-building problems and a lot more. Nonetheless these challenges were embraced as an integral part of his entrepreneurship journey.

What makes Agency Aurora different is its ability to quickly adapt to situations, along with Clyburn’s extensive experience in scaling e-commerce brands. The result is that he can really understand the problems faced by his clients and design unique solutions tailored directly for individual customer needs.

One of the highlights of Clyburn’s career is turning Agency Aurora into a company with more than 30 full-time employees from being just his one-man show supporting other people’s ecommerce brands. It is now one of the biggest agency advertising account providers on the market.

He has dreams for where the business will go from here – growing into the world’s top agency advertising account provider, as well as offering AI tools, compliance checkers, advertising guides and much more. To sum it all up, Clyburn wants Agency Aurora to hit 100 full-time employees, providing languages and services support for every major industry.

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