March 2021 – One of the most challenging things about making music is staying creative, getting out of the proverbial comfort zone, and generally setting the bar higher with great songs and awesome productions. This is not an issue for the amazing Drew Anderson.

This artist is originally from Busan, South Korea, but an American Family adopted him. After several years of moving from place to place as a military brat, Drew finally settled with his family in San Antonio, Texas. The town happens to be home to an amazing music scene, and it didn’t take long before Drew was able to connect with like-minded people.

Unfortunately, Drew struggled with self-esteem and abandonment issues, which led him into a spiral of problems with alcohol, women, drugs, prison, and other run-ins with the law. The last drop was an accident that Drew experienced in 2011. He was run over by a car but recovered and continued to walk in spite of all odds. He even survived a seemingly deadly gunshot wound, showing so much strength and resilience. Drew saw these events as warning signs and eventually started focusing on two things: his faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and his love of rap music and the Gospel

He managed to use his God-given musical gifts as a way to inspire people and share the good word of the Gospel with as many people would be willing to listen to.

Musically, Drew is incredibly diverse. He has collaborated with Bryann Trejo, as well as 5ive and even artists like Bumps INF and Datin (affiliated with God Over Money records), Son of Savior, C.O.G, Bobby Barrera (Bendito Musik) , GodInI, AT Tor and several others.

Drew is also quite notable for his association with KMF, as well as Jesus Lives in My City Music, two amazing organizations dedicated to spreading the word about quality Christian music. In addition to that, Drew is quite productive in the studio, and he has got some amazing plans. Currently, he is working on a brand new album, which is set to be released in June. The record is going to be a remarkable example of the focus, passion, and inspirational lyrics that are a mainstay in his blend of Christian rap music.

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