Interview with Cormac Reynolds, Sportsbook SEO Consultant from The Future of SEO in 2024

Welcome, Cormac. It’s great to have you here to discuss the evolving landscape of SEO, particularly in the sportsbook industry. With 2024 upon us, there are a lot of speculations and anticipations about the future of SEO. Let’s dive in.

Q1: To start, can you share with us how you foresee SEO evolving in the sportsbook industry in 2024?

Cormac Reynolds: “Certainly! SEO in the sportsbook industry is becoming increasingly sophisticated according to what we see at VelSEOity. For 2024, we’re anticipating a significant shift towards semantic search and user intent optimization. Google and other search engines are getting better at understanding the nuances of queries. This means that sportsbook sites need to focus on creating content that answers the underlying questions and needs of their audience, not just keyword stuffing.”

Q2: There’s been a lot of buzz around artificial intelligence and machine learning in SEO. How do you see these technologies impacting SEO strategies for sportsbooks?

CR: “AI and machine learning are game-changers for SEO, allowing for unprecedented personalization and predictive analysis. In the sportsbook sector, we can use these technologies to analyze betting trends and user behavior, tailoring content and recommendations to individual preferences. This level of personalization not only improves user experience but also boosts SEO performance by aligning content more closely with user intents and search queries.”

Q3: With Google’s ever-evolving algorithms, how should sportsbooks adapt their SEO strategies to stay ahead?

CR: “Adaptability is key. Sportsbooks must remain agile, ready to adjust their strategies in response to algorithm updates. This includes a robust content strategy that emphasizes quality, relevance, and value to the user. Moreover, technical SEO remains crucial; websites must be fast, mobile-friendly, and secure to meet Google’s standards and user expectations.”

Q4: Voice search is becoming increasingly popular. How should sportsbooks optimize for voice search SEO in 2024?

CR: “Voice search optimization requires a focus on natural language and conversational queries. For sportsbooks, this means optimizing for questions potential bettors might ask aloud, such as odds, game schedules, and betting tips. Content should be structured to provide clear and concise answers to these queries, leveraging schema markup to improve visibility in voice search results.”

Q5: Lastly, any predictions for new SEO trends or technologies that sportsbooks should be aware of in 2024?

CR: “One trend to watch is the rise of visual search and augmented reality in sports betting. Users are increasingly searching with images and through AR apps, looking for a more immersive experience. Sportsbooks can capitalize on this by integrating visual search capabilities and creating AR experiences that allow users to explore games, odds, and betting options in a more engaging way. Staying ahead of such trends will be crucial for SEO success in 2024.”

Thank you, Cormac, for sharing your insights on the future of SEO in the sportsbook industry. It’s clear that 2024 will bring significant changes and opportunities for those ready to adapt and innovate.

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