Instagram influencer Jon Delgado

Instagram influencer Jon Delgado

This is the century where most of the people are spending their time online and if you want to build your reputation then, Social media websites like Facebook and Instagram will be the ideal choice.  Becoming a popular influencer on social media websites is not very easy.  but there is a young boy from Spain Jon Delgado Who started on Instagram when he was only 12 years old and within the short period he got around 1.3 million followers. But sadly his account was disabled and he lost all the followers.  He didn’t lose the courage and intention and he made the account again on Instagram with the new ID named @jondlgado.

When he made the account on Instagram he was familiar that he will not be able to gain the same followers like he used to get but still he will be the brand-influencer of his own and will make sure to reach that target even if it takes time. 

When the person wants to become the Instagram influencer there are some things you need to follow which are not very easy but very common.

 Like Jon the person needs to have the anatomy in which he will have the Specific niche on which he wants to work and promote.  If you will not be having any niche then you will not be able to gain the prosperity and the confidence by which you promote the brand and influence the people.  Choosing a specific niche will help you out to get only one direction. 

You need to be patient because there is no time limit when you will be able to gain the top number of the list.  Most of the people lose their courage after some time and this is a very big problem. You need to be patient and put the effort like you used to.

 Engage with customers with authority.  You are talking to strangers and if you want to make them confident on you then you need to show that you are the authority and you are saying what you know about. 

You need to be good at sales.  A good person and a good Instagram influencer will have to be good at the salesmanship.  He should be able to sell himself. When you are promoting a brand then it doesn’t mean that you just need to tell the consumer about the product with the content but you need to Engage with the customers on a personal level and show them the product in the way by which they will be influenced.  Just posting on Instagram about the products is not going to help. 

Passion is very important about any work.  Whatever what you are doing should be done with the passion and if you are becoming the Instagram influencer then you should be passionate about this work that it will be beneficial for you.  You should be confident and if you will do the work in which you have the interest then the output will be much better. 

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