Infocar Goals 2024 Japanese Market Expansion and Launches Innovative Smart Scanner

Infocar Goals 2024 Japanese Market Expansion and Launches Innovative Smart Scanner

Leading automobile data platform Infocar has revealed that it would introduce a new product in the first half of 2024 to target the Japanese market.

In order to overcome the information asymmetry in vehicle management—which has historically been the purview of professionals and necessitates specialized expertise—Infocar was developed in 2016.

With over 8.5 million users globally as of early December, Infocar presently maintains the top market share in Korea and more than 30 intellectual property rights pertaining to vehicle data analytics.

Infocar is a vehicle data analytics company that uses the Infocar Smart Scanner OBD2 scanner and the Infocar smartphone app to offer fleet management services. Specifically, the Infocar app has more than 8.5 million downloads as of right now.

The new Infocar Smart Scanner, which builds on a long history of technological advancements, uses cutting-edge technology and sophisticated data analytics to precisely assess vehicle health and take corrective action before issues emerge.

With the Infocar smart scanner, drivers may easily check the condition of their vehicle using a smartphone app by gathering data from the internal Engine Control Unit (ECU). This provides a plethora of knowledge to promote safe driving.

Anyone can now acquire the Infocar Smart Scanner online at a reasonable price, enabling everyone to have access to efficient vehicle management. When a driver purchases an Infocar Smart Scanner, they can take advantage of several free functions via the Infocar app.

“Vehicle Diagnostics,” which lets customers view the trouble codes on their car, and “Monitoring,” which gives users access to driving data in real time, are two important functions. The app also provides efficient vehicle administration with the “Maintenance Records” and “Consumables Management” services, entertainment with the “Dashboard” function, and thorough data analysis with the “Detailed Driving Records” and “Driving Style” features.

Drivers may effortlessly control their smart vehicles using the Infocar app by conveniently monitoring their vehicle’s status with just the Infocar Smart Scanner.

Additionally, it disclosed its intention to introduce INFOCAR BIZ in the first half of 2024 for corporate clients who require fleet management as well as insurance firms, rental companies, logistics operators, and used car platforms.


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