ICNA Continues to Provide Relief to Refugees

ICNA Continues to Provide Relief to Refugees

Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) has solidified its presence in the American Muslim population as a pioneering grassroots association focused on literacy, self-development, outreach, and community services. ICNA has extended its presence across the US in the past decade while retaining a strong footprint in local communities.ICNA has worked to create strong ties between Islam and the public. It has been working to achieve this end through collaborating with various Muslim organizations. For the betterment of humanity, ICNA also works closely with several national interfaith organizations.


Through delivering compassionate and conscientious support to victims of adversity and survivors ofcatastrophes, ICNA Relief USA strives to relieve pain and suffering.ICNA Relief USA seeks to establish safe communities, stabilize families, and open up opportunities for the vulnerable while preserving the integrity and working for basic human needs.

In the US, ICNA Relief has successfully created opportunities for refugees facing cultural and linguistic obstacles in accessing job opportunities. Moreover, they provided training to refugees to enhance their English language skills. Their relief activities’ primary objective is to encourage self-sufficiency amongst refugees, which they have successfully achieved.

Helping refugees to launch their ventures and become self-sufficient is among the most significant projects of ICNA Relief. They have distributed more than 100 sewing machines to several households over the past few years, provided hair salon furnishings to several refugee females, and assisted another few in starting their own catering business. They provided construction workers with tools to start painting locations and others to begin mowing services and even distributed materials amongst many teachers to start tutoring. 

ICNA Relief teams launched drives for warm winter coats, shoes, and blankets in early September. They collected good condition clothing and blankets from their donors, categorically divided them into different age groups, and then distributed them amongst refugees. The ICNA Relief team greatly and efficiently managed this initiative. Students from multiple schools funded this project almost all of the time.

ICNA Relief teams have been providing thousands of food packages to the refugees every week. Their relief workers fill the pantries and fridges before the arrival of new refugee families. Other than that, ICNA offers ESL classes, free medical services, computer skills, and other similar workshops. The efficient and systematic manner in which they carry out their campaigns and relief services is commendable.

Refugees are amongst the most neglected and abandoned lot of the people in this world. ICNA Relief’s services in the USA have been assisting and providing relief to refugees for decades. Their efforts for the betterment of the humanitarian community cannot be praised enough. They provide accommodation and financial support to the refugees and provide mental healthcare services to them. Mental healthcare is a subject that is very much neglected in today’s world. Hence, ICNA’s constant efforts in this regard are highly commendable. The Muslim world needs more organizations like the Islamic Circle for North America to make this world a better place for humans.

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