Hrithik Roshan says he can’t compare to Vijay Sethupathi’s level as Vedha

Hrithik Roshan says he can’t compare to Vijay Sethupathi’s level as Vedha

In Vikram Vedha, Hrithik Roshan discusses how he doesn’t mind being compared to Vijay Sethupathi and discusses his professional decisions.

After a long absence, Hrithik Roshan will soon make a big-screen comeback. It will be more than three years since his last publication, Vikram Vedha. Since then, the environment of the industry has altered significantly, but there have also been many constants, most notably the continued enormous buzz that surrounds a Hrithik Roshan film.

Hrithik spoke with the media in Delhi before the movie’s release about what to anticipate from it, his “comeback,” and the reasons he has been picky in his career.

The 2017 Tamil hit film of the same name starring R Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi, and directed by Pushkar and Gayathri, is the source material for Vikram Vedha. Comparisons started as soon as the teaser was posted, and the director team also handled the remake. Hrithik responds to that question from Hindustan Times with an almost zen-like calm.

He says, “There is nothing I can do about it, but I have done my part. Making an effort is all I can manage. Just that. I often pray, “Give me the strength to change what I can, the peace to accept what cannot be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish between the two.” When I realise it, I am happy.

But he does say that he is convinced he won’t be able to match what Vijay Sethupathi accomplished in the character’s original portrayal. “I am aware of how superbly Vijay Sethupathi performed the same role. I can’t even imagine reaching that level in my dreams. Nevertheless, I gave it my best effort, and I’m satisfied with the results, adds Hrithik.

The actor is clear that Hrithik’s adoration of Vijay’s talent and performance did not have an impact on his approach to the part. When referring to the original, he says, “You can’t just approach a character and copy what has been done. That’s not a very wise approach to take if you think, “He did it so I will do it.” The simplest approach is to recognise that every person is unique. Therefore, if I approach this the way I see it, it will be different, fresh, and sincere by default.

Before Vikram Vedha, Hrithik’s most recent film was released in October of last year. Has the nearly three-year gap between films increased Hrithik’s anxiety about this one’s prospects? “It’s nothing remarkable; simply the usual anxiety I experience before the release of a movie I believe will do well. There have been a lot of movies that, when they were first released, I was quite certain about because I already knew what people would think. I’m anxious this time because I want this to succeed. I think this movie is fantastic,” he claims.

Like Vikram Vedha, War was also a two-hero film, also starring Tiger Shroff. While many big stars shy away from sharing the spotlight, Hrithik says he craves it. “I get really excited, to be honest. I love doing two-hero films or ensemble films. It gets very lonely when it’s a solo hero film. I enjoy having someone,” he says with a laugh.

In a career spanning over two decades, Hrithik has acted in only 25 films as a lead hero. Most of his contemporaries have been more prolific. Hrithik chalks down this selectiveness to laziness. He explains, “For me, it’s simple. I just do the films that I can’t say no to. When I hear a script, I will basically just try and say no. But if I can’t, then I do it. I am a very lazy person. I don’t want to act. Mujhe karni hi nahi hain films (I don’t want to do films), but the film that I can’t say no to is the one I do. Something has to click.”

Vikram Vedha, directed by Pushka-Gayathri, also stars Radhika Apte, Yogita Bihani, Rohit Saraf, and Sharib Hashmi. The film will be released in theatres on Friday, September 30.

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