How To Know Whether You Need a Water Heater Replacement?

How To Know Whether You Need a Water Heater Replacement?

Has the time come to opt for a water heater replacement in your home? If you are confused, you can find the answer here.

A dependable and efficient water heater system is the order of the day for any home. It will ensure comfort and convenience in our day-to-day activities. However, water heaters are like other home appliances. Yes, they carry only a particular lifespan. When you continue to use this appliance for a long, it will start developing issues. But, all issues do not demand a complete water heater replacement. How to know whether you should opt for a replacement of your water heater? Here are some factors that necessitate a replacement and not repairs:

What is the Age of Your Water Heater System?

How old is your water heater system? With age, these systems start facing issues even though you do not find any visible damage. When you take conventional water heaters, they can last for at least 6 to 12 years. However, tankless water heaters are known for a longer lifespan. Has your water heater crossed its lifespan? Otherwise, if it nears the lifespan, you can consider a replacement.

Is there a Visible Reduction in the Performance?

Indeed, your water heater system has not exceeded its lifespan. Either, it is not near the end of the lifespan. Even then, you might need a replacement if you experience a decline in its performance. Do you find that the system is no longer delivering hot water? Otherwise, does it take a longer time to heat the water? These are signs that indicate damage to the internal components. Otherwise, they are wearing out. These signs indicate that a replacement is on the cards.

Rust and Corrosion

The presence of corrosion or rust in the water heater itself or on the exterior is another sign to watch out for. You can understand that the components are corroded if the water is rusty in color. Once your water heater gets corroded, leaks are likely to follow. A leaking water heater can lead to considerable damage to your property. In case, you notice corrosion or rust, it is time to begin shopping for a new water heater.

Do you Hear Strange Noises?

Unusual noises like rumbling, banging, or popping sounds coming from the water heater might indicate a buildup of sediment. With time, sediment gathers at the base of the tank. In turn, the efficiency of your water heater will be affected. It can be potentially damaging to the heating element. You can try flushing the tank to resolve this issue. If this does not resolve, it might be an indicator that you need to replace your water heater.

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