How the Criss Bellini Art Brand is Taking the Art World by Storm

How the Criss Bellini Art Brand is Taking the Art World by Storm

Sometimes we discover art that completely breaks the mold and stands out amongst everything else. This is definitely the case with the pieces from the art brand Criss Bellini. The aesthetic art pieces from this brand break free from the crowd of mediocre, mass-produced artworks, which is what makes each of the pieces so special. Through in-depth, behind-the-scenes conversations, we learned the anonymous artist behind the brand caters to an audience who is looking for exclusivity.

If you look at the Criss Bellini Instagram, you will notice something magically different about the art that sets its oeuvre apart from the usual paintings and digital pieces. The brilliant play of color, brush strokes that speak volumes about the artist’s expertise, and the superior quality of the artistic material used are all testimony to his unprecedented success.

What Makes Criss Bellini Artwork Unique

The art industry is flooded with countless artists of varying degrees of experience. However, what it lacks is exclusivity at a reasonable price. On the one hand, there are mass-produced pieces of poor quality, and on the other, some pieces are exclusive yet surprisingly costly and out of reach for most people.

Criss Bellini has struck a balance between the two categories of art enthusiasts and created exclusive pieces at an affordable rate. The brand only sells the art through its website and strictly makes 250 editions of each piece for the global market. To retain the exclusivity of the work, the artist avoids restocking the art pieces once they are sold out. They ship worldwide from Sweden, so people from all over the planet can enjoy this unique and affordable art.

Criss Bellini caters to many with a unique blend of traditional and digital art. The anonymous artist makes many of his pieces motivational, whether it’s through including uplifting quotes or a more understated message. The anonymous artist also blends motifs from hip-hop culture, social media, fashion, and old paintings to create something one-of-a-kind. He also creates a few traditional paintings on canvas with acrylic or oil paint. Some of these paintings are then professionally photographed and printed on museum-quality materials. The quality of each of his digital artworks is so supreme that the colors and strokes look as real as traditional canvas paintings.

The Criss Bellini art company also sells some paintings as NFTs on his verified OpenSea account for those who want the original piece.

How the Artist Behind Criss Bellini Rose Against All Odds

The founder of Criss Bellini isn’t one of those artists who had the leisure to devote all his time to painting. Fleeing from a war-torn country, his family found refuge in Sweden. The initial years were rather challenging, and they relied on government funds to survive. The artist even strayed down the wrong path and started selling drugs to make ends meet. However, painting became his reliable solace, and he decided to turn his passion into a full-fledged business. His unique art pieces soon spread like wildfire, and he slowly rose to success.

After creating Criss Bellini, the artist’s total revenue crossed $1 million in his first year of business. 2021 marks his second year of Criss Bellini, and he had already crossed the $1 million benchmark within the first seven months. He just finished working on a huge project with a big Swedish phone company, “HALEBOP”.

The founder of Criss Bellini succeeded through sheer determination to transform his life and come out the other side. Today, he has everything an artist dreams of, but he isn’t someone who is driven by the greed of fame. It’s his love for his art that keeps the fire ignited within him. Considering his unbelievable talent, it’s fair to say that it’s just the beginning for Criss Bellini – the sky is its only limit.

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