How Team at O+ Helped a Global Brand Establish its Export Community with its Tailored Solutions? 

How Team at O+ Helped a Global Brand Establish its Export Community with its Tailored Solutions? 

Indian export businesses are ready to take the world by storm! Thanks to a global brand that introduced an e-commerce export program to help Indian businesses reach international marketplaces, how did this export program manage to reach its target audience, aspiring entrepreneurs and MSME business owners so effectively? The experts at O+ boost their online game, and the results are phenomenal! The global brand saw its visitors jump by 187% (25,543 to 73,550 ad-free traffic)

With advanced SEO and content expertise, O+ helped this global brand land on the coveted first page of search engines for its conversion-intended keywords. This means more businesses like yours can easily find this global brand’s export program and unlock your export dreams. 

Let us break it down to understand the challenges, goals and solutions that led to these incredible results. 

Identifying the bottlenecks, Forging Solutions:

There was a plateau in the SEO traffic faced by this global brand initially, hindering its online reach. Upon analysis, O+ short-listed all the challenges and applied their data-driven approach. Following were the challenges identified:

  • Stagnant SEO Traffic: They found out that the SEO traffic was stagnant, which raised the alarm for changing the existing SEO approach.
  • Keyword Thematic Gaps: There were no keywords targeted, nor were there any strategies devised around keywords. 
  • Limited Historical Data: Due to the recent launch of their website, there was a shortage of historical data. This scarcity of data made it challenging to analyze trends and formulate effective strategies for the website’s growth. 
  • Weak Internal Linking: There were a lot of untapped opportunities for internal linking on the website that could enhance site navigation and enhance SEO.
  • Limited Content: For the target audience to interact with the site, a lot of information was required. 

The Solutions:

O+ tackled these challenges head-on by developing O+ve’s war strategy. This included:

  • A thorough research is needed to identify the export-related terms, including selling, shipping, storage, etc., to attract valuable traffic.
  • Creating a well-structured pillar-and-cluster content architecture to explain the offerings of the global brand, transforming its website into a comprehensive knowledge hub.
  • Revamping and optimizing the existing content.
  • Adding quality outreach links, brand profile links, and acquiring image links after competitor analysis.
  • Fixing crawl ability and site loading speed issues.
  • Secured rich snippets to land in search results. 

The Implemented Strategy Yielded Remarkable Outcomes

  • A staggering increase in organic traffic by 187% within 12 months
  • 300% increase in non-branded traffic from 19.5k to 77.5k.
  • 165% hike in brand keywords traffic
  • 125% growth in the featured snippet 
  • Attracted 97.9k organic users, saving PPC advertising budget of approx INR INR 17 Lakhs.

O+’s Winning Formula: 

  1. Queen +:

Queen+ is our Content Excellence Centre, which combines Opositive’s top-tier industry writers and Partners. With the integration of AI, the aim is to provide a higher and faster impact on your business. 

  • Studio+:

Their in-house tool tracks your business data in real time. It’s a personalized dashboard for effortless monitoring of more than 100,000 Analytics Data points in a single dashboard.

  • Tribe+:

High authority portals network with DR 70+ as a special focus. It has more than 10,000 subscribers.

  • War Strategy+:

After client onboarding, a strategic roadmap and key objectives to set the stage for success are crafted. The dynamic ‘War Strategy’ so made undergoes quarterly evolution to optimize productivity continually. 

Beyond the Numbers: The collaboration between O+ and the global brand went beyond merely driving traffic and rankings. O+ fostered a true partnership, providing strategic guidance and industry insights to support their long-term goals.

O+ is a leading digital marketing agency with a proven track record of delivering superior results for clients across diverse industries. Their team of passionate professionals leverages data-driven strategies, technology, and in-depth industry knowledge to help businesses achieve their online marketing goals. 

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