How Osman Osman and Shaaista Khan Osman have become key players in Dubai’s lifestyle and entertainment industry

How Osman Osman and Shaaista Khan Osman have become key players in Dubai’s lifestyle and entertainment industry

Osman Osman and Shaaista Khan Osman are two of the entertainment industry’s strong forces who have come together to create an empire in their company, ‘Blu Blood’.

When two powerhouses come together, it gives rise to an exceptional outcome which is out of this world. This dynamic married couple have carefully used their skills and crafted their careers to make it one of the leading ones in the entertainment realm. Their 35 years’ of combined experience have built a strong foundation in the form of their lifestyle and management brand, which has conquered a major space in South Africa and Dubai and is set to achieve more victories in the near future.

Osman Osman is a Diploma holder in International Management Marketing and is on his way to complete his law degree shortly. Osman strongly believes that life is a better teacher and guide than any formal university education, as learning from his local surroundings has given him much better knowledge and in-depth understanding of knowing things in a better way. “Learning from others mistakes and experiences can play a big role in your own success,” says Osman. Having worked in multiple sectors which includes business and entertainment, he has learnt the workings of distinct industries to its best. One of his careers highlights is the hit movie titled ‘Material’ of which he has been an integral part.

His partner and better half Shaaista also started out with a humble upbringing as the youngest of six children, struggling hard to reach the position where she stands today. She has completed her studies in Naturopathy and Naturology and has also dabbled in Law, Psychology and Theology to some extent. Shaaista also holds a Diploma in Project Management and Labour Law from the University of Cape Town. She established ‘Blu Blood’ in 2008 and has steadily grown it to astounding heights till date, now even more after Osman joining in. “One should not step backwards from seizing every opportunity that comes their way, and should make sure to get hold of it at the right time to excel in their lives,” says Shaaista.

This dynamic duo met by chance and their relationship culminated into marriage, eventually joining forces to give the most successful brand ever known in the entertainment business – ‘Blu Blood’.

Derek Robins

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